Few views on your YouTube videos?

Community of youtube bloggers will help solve your problem


If you have visited our community, then you have problems with your channel building: few video views and a lack of subscribers. The reason for this is YouTube’s recent algorithm change. Everything that has been working for the last 20 years is no longer working.

Now two aspects are important for promoting videos on YouTube:
1. Audience retention (how long it is watched)
2. Click-through rate (how quickly it is turned on)

If the video does not have retention, then YouTube perceives it as not interesting and simply does not show it to other users. It just dies. If there are no views, then there are no subscribers either. If there are no subscribers, then there are no views. It’s a vicious circle. What should we do?

We’ve come up with a solution for everyone!
This is BLOGGERS-TOP community!

BLOGGERS-TOP is a community, which recruits organic views and subscribers on YouTube quickly.

BLOGGERS-TOP is the first stage during the takeoff of the rocket, which must overcome gravity during the launch. Hovering will be after it!

Our project will significantly speed up the monetization of your channel and you will quickly gain the required 4000 views!

How it works

Step 1

Step 1 - registration

Step 2

Step 1 - payment
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Step 3

Step 1 - add links
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Step 4

Step 1 - reciprocal view
reciprocal view

To get guaranteed organic views with maximum click-through rates and audience retention, we offer an interaction model that many bloggers have successfully used.

But we’ve made it even more accessible and effective. We unite people who watch videos of community members in specially created playlists in automatic mode. Please note that you do not need to be near the computer constantly, because the videos are viewed automatically.

Work algorithms:

  1. You publish a video on YouTube and add it to your account on site
  2. The video gets into the playlist, which is watched by hundreds of participants like you
  3. All community members watch your video from the beginning till the end, which gives your video 100% audience retention
  4. High audience retention gives high click-through rates in the community
  5. This is noticed by YouTube algorithm and suggests your video to the maximum number of people in the recommendations

During the day, all the videos in playlists will be viewed by all community members. YouTube will immediately see your video’s retention increase and start recommending it further. The further fate of your video will depend only on how interesting it is. But at the first stage, it is important to defeat YouTube’s algorithms - only they determine whether your video will become popular and get thousands or millions of views.

IT IS IMPORTANT! Periodically, YouTube can write off some of the video views, this is a normal practice. But even 50-70 views of your video with audience retention close to 100% can be enough for a rapid start.

In any case, your statistics will immediately show an increase in audience retention and an increase in the number and hours of views, which is very important for successful promotion.


The monthly contribution to closed communities like ours is from $ 200 per month due to the high profitability and fast promotion of the channels.
We offer you similar cooperation according to the following scheme.
Until the number of project participants has reached 300 active users - PARTICIPATION IN THE PROJECT IS FREE. At this moment, up to 300 people watch your video every day (and you, accordingly, watch their video), but you don't need to pay anything for it.
When the number of active users exceeds 300, we will need to hire additional managers to process data, move to faster servers with increased storage space, etc. All these costs lead to the need to enter a monthly fee ranging from $1 to $3, depending on the number of project participants. At the same time, the maximum number of project participants is 1000 people.
If you are not your first day on YouTube and you know how difficult it is to promote a YouTube channel, then you understand how meager this amount is.
Today there are no alternatives for our community! Join our community and move towards your goal much faster and easier!