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Fashion 13 channels

Fashion. There is probably no more capacious word that makes the hearts of many women beat faster. This is understandable, since every woman wants and strives to look fashionable and modern.

What is fashion is probably the ability to look stylish and tasteful. After all, you will agree that you can buy a lot of modern expensive clothes, as well as accessories, and this whole composition, to put it mildly, will look ridiculous both in color and style.

On our resource, we have tried to collect the most interesting YouTube channels, which will professionally and intelligibly tell you about the latest fashion trends, new products, new trends, etc.

We are also aware that the term "fashion" is very deep and multifaceted. It has a ton of components. In each of them it is necessary to understand very substantively in order to see this topic comprehensively. That is why in the Fashion section of you will find many bloggers who blog about this topic. And note - they are all different and interesting at the same time, which is confirmed by their views and subscribers.

We have also added channels to this section in which their owners directly talk about the latest fashion trends in leading European countries, for example Italy. They not only talk, but also shop. And you are already on your own about the goods in the stores, you can see in which direction fashion trends in clothing or accessories are now developing.

For example, we think it will be very interesting for you to find out exactly where you can buy modern fashionable clothes and not get fake. This is also possible. You will receive information not only about shops, but also about specific dates of the month when you need to go shopping, for example, to Italy.

Some bloggers with related topics directly show in their blogs when to go shopping. Products, in this case, of very well-known and well-known brands, can cost several times cheaper. This, you see, is very pleasant for both you and your budget.

Come to our service section "Fashion" and get the maximum information that will help you become even more beautiful, stylish and elegant.

Category Beauty

Beauty 8 channels

Beauty is a relative concept. Today we will talk about the beauty of women. It is women who spend a significant part of their free time looking good. This is very important and correct.

For example, what is the concept of the beauty of African women. In many tribes of Africa, the beautiful one, which is the fullest, or, for example, has the most drawn ears or lips, the longest neck. For a European woman, this is nonsense. Therefore, much in the perception of beauty depends on the environment, upbringing, attitudes.

It would be correct to say that beauty is the ability to be yourself. After all, there can be no external beauty without internal beauty.

Of course, it is very important to look after yourself. What does it mean? This means adhering to generally accepted standards: clothing, hair, neatness, smell, skin, manners and behavior.

For some reason, it was recently that other trends began to prevail. Public opinion about female beauty is beginning to transform. For example, unwashed hair, untidy clothes, vulgarity are considered the norm. But the opposite lends itself to criticism. Also, many European women, especially middle-aged women, categorically refuse to use cosmetics. In our opinion, this is completely absurd.

Briefly about cosmetics. Her main task is not to make a beautiful woman out of an ugly woman. Although in the hands of a professional makeup artist, this is also possible. The task of cosmetics is to emphasize and highlight the visual advantages and features of the female face. For example, make your lips or eyes more expressive, change their shape or size. Again, cosmetics must be used competently and according to the situation, because too much cosmetics can lead to the opposite effect.

The use of creams is also very important. This is simply necessary for a woman due to biological characteristics. Many women have dry skin and moisturizers are essential to avoid early wrinkles. The same situation applies to problem skin.

We are not eternal. And time takes its toll. However, the correct application of creams (day, night) simply postpones the time. And sometimes women who regularly and correctly use cosmetics and take care of their skin are simply lost in time. They look so good that few can tell for sure about their age.

An English proverb says: "A woman is as old as she looks, and a man is as he feels." That seems to say it all.

Women, be beautiful! After all, this is one of the main social functions in our society to maintain harmony.

For men 12 categories

Category Auto reviews

Auto reviews 34 channels

With the word "car" in every man in the body, the heartbeat begins to increase and the metabolic process changes. Another word that triggers the same experience is football.

Why it happens? The roots of such experiences date back to the days of our ancestors. Since then, a man's wealth was determined by the presence of a horse and its decoration. The horse was used to recognize which class the stranger belongs to, his financial well-being, as well as success in life.

Many hundreds of years ago, every warrior considered it necessary not only to have luxurious armor, but also horse harness. Some of its elements were made of precious metals in a single copy and cost a lot of money.

Tell me, what has changed since then? Nothing. Only now the horse, as a means of transportation, has been replaced by a car. Today the car is everything. Without it, a lot of people simply cannot imagine their ordinary day. In it, a person spends a significant part of his time, especially idle in the morning and evening, and sometimes at lunchtime, in traffic jams for many hours.

In the days of the USSR, not everyone could boast of having a car. Not many could afford it. However, the lucky owners have always tried to embellish the car. Sheathed with velor, fringe. We made adjustments to the interior design, panels.

But the very dawn of car lovers, of course, falls on our time.

Given the level of modern technologies and the availability of sufficient funds in the hands of the population, cars are no longer a luxury, but a means of transportation. Almost every family now has it. In any case, any family can afford a budget car.

However, not all owners regard the car as a means of transportation. Many people simply idolize their cars. They order exclusive leather upholstery for the seats, redesign the dashboard, apply graphics to the car and even make the wheels unique.

Some of these cars are rightfully considered a work of art of automotive tuning. When you look at the results of the work of professionals, you are simply amazed at their imagination and ingenuity.

If you are also a fan of cars and want to get acquainted with the latest trends in this area, we invite you to watch our video channels, which will tell you about all the modern intricacies of the automotive industry, tuning, repair, luxury and speed. Our service is always at your service.

Category Hunting

Hunting 19 channels

Hunting is one of the main hobbies of men. In any case, this addiction is very popular among those in power as well. You are probably aware of where very important and profitable issues are being addressed. But we are not talking about this, but about ordinary people who see no point in hunting in killing animals, but simply in extreme relaxation and getting the maximum adrenaline.

Hunting is one of the oldest male occupations. Many people know from school that in this way primitive people already drove mammoths, getting food for their tribe for several months.

The hunt has gone hand in hand with humanity for centuries. You've probably even heard of such terms as royal hunting. Unfortunately, for many centuries only the upper classes could really hunt. Everything was simple - they were the owners of those forests where game or beast lived. A commoner, in the case of killing an animal in such forests, could lose his life.

And only under the USSR did people get their right to participate in hunting. But here, too, the party nomenclature received more refined conditions.

Hunting is an adrenaline rush. When you listen to the stories of seasoned hunters, especially those who hunt wild boars, you understand why it is so dangerous.

But everyone chooses his own path and hunting is not the easiest form of recreation. Yes, you can stand in ambush and wait for the beaters to drive the beast at you. But what to do when the boar is wounded and begins to rage. He sees very badly, and therefore can run into a hunter from acceleration. Its ferocity, mass and sharp as a knife fangs, will be enough for the event to end very sadly for its participants.

Therefore, in order to avoid such consequences, it is necessary to follow strict rules, listen carefully to the gamekeepers and avoid the abuse of alcoholic beverages. It is the last aspect that leads to sad results on the hunt.

On our service we will introduce you to some very interesting hunting channels. Here you will receive comprehensive information on how to properly hunt this or that animal, what weapon to use, how to prepare for a hunt, and about new armaments and optics market.

For kids 4 categories

Category Kids bloggers

Kids bloggers 18 channels

Children's bloggers - a section dedicated to the most interesting channels that shoot their videos exclusively for a children's audience.

This is a definite know-how in our modern media market. They, in fact, developed chaotically, following an example from the corresponding foreign projects.

We can say that children's bloggers have gained their development and popularity over the past 5-7 years.

On our project you will get acquainted with quite unique children's channels. For example, a project about a little girl Nastya. She is the main character of three channels at once Like Nastya, Like Nastya Vlog and Stacy Toys. The last project is being implemented in English. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that all three channels have already received more than 10 million subscribers. The girl Nastya was the first in the Russian-language YouTube segment to receive three diamond buttons at once.

Brother and sister Roma and Diana are not far from her friend. They also have several channels, including one in English. Diana's channel already has 20 million subscribers, which indicates a very high success of the projects. Both Nastya and Roma and Diana communicate very closely and are friends, which viewers often observe while watching the video.

There are also many projects for an older audience under the age of 15. They are hosted by teenagers from both Russia and Ukraine: Follow Me, DANIEL BOY PLAY, Dasha Koshkina, etc. These are very interesting channels that are distinguished by their uniqueness and originality.

For the smallest viewers from 6 months, there are also a lot of projects. First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the projects of the famous host Masha with her very famous project Kapuki Kanuki. Masha is a popular presenter who simultaneously leads up to six projects. They concern both the smallest viewers - from 6 months, and older children. For you, there are projects for teaching English, childcare, projects for mothers who are on maternity leave, etc. Thus, each of you will find something interesting both for yourself and your children.

Category Cartoons

Cartoons 60 channels

Foreign cartoons are one of the most beloved sections for both children and adults. Why adults? Everything is very simple. Most of today's adults grew up on cartoons from such well-known companies as, for example, The Walt Disney Company. These cartoons were the most popular on television in the late 80s and all 90s. Therefore, they have such a large number of admirers.

Almost every child or teenager in our country knows heroes like Tom and Jerry, or, for example, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These cartoons are rightfully considered the legend of animation. More than one generation has grown up on them.

In our section of foreign cartoons, you can also get acquainted with the most popular cartoons of our kids of the 2000s. The kids liked them so much that their characters began to be actively placed on children's things, goods, and household items. Many children cannot even imagine sleeping without Peppa's soft fluffy pig or pony.

On our service we will introduce you to such hits of foreign cartoons as Booba, Rescue Bots, Robocar Poli, Tiny Love (Tiny Love), Watch Car, Dasha and friends, Wild Screachers, Mole and Panda, Lady Bug, Mia and Me, Monkart, The Octonauts, Ponyville, The Adventures of Tayo, Peppa Pig, Super Wings, Tobots, Tom and Jerry, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol and many others.

Visit our service and many of you will remember the warmest and unforgettable years of your childhood together with your favorite cartoons.

Sport 11 categories

Category Football

Football 10 channels

Football. This word is enough for people to immediately have emotions, while they will be uniquely different. Someone will immediately start resenting the results of the performance of their favorite team or national team, someone will be delighted with the last games or the bets won.

Football is joy and sorrow, admiration and hatred, tears of joy and sorrow. There is no sport that can match the popularity of football. Just remember what, for example, the FIFA World Cup is. For a month of the tournament, the world goes crazy. All employers tackle their heads, as control over the management of companies is completely lost. The male part of the enterprises is in lethargic sleep. They live from game to game of their favorite teams. And the threat of dismissal does not frighten them at all. The main thing is football.

Employers all over the world are forced for this period to completely change the work schedule, the schedule of meetings, to postpone the terms of signing contracts.

During the great football holidays, the whole world is fully united. At certain hours of broadcasts, your country or city can be captured by any aggressor without firing a single shot, since you will not meet anyone on the street. The situation is the same in the army and law enforcement agencies.

Football is a huge business. It accumulates billions of dollars. These are transfers of players, and broadcasts, and bookmaker bets, and advertising.

There is no other sport in the world that would attract such attention from fans and spectators. This is because football is the most spectacular sport. His idols are the most beloved and highest paid people in the world.

If you are also a football fan, then we invite you to visit our service, where you can enjoy the best football games, see the best goals from different championships, as well as see the results in the standings.

Category Workout

Workout 12 channels

Do you have a big belly and thick sides? You have something to be sad about. But when they ask you - why did it happen that you answer? Perhaps there is no time or there is no gym nearby?

If so, then we suggest you just visit our "Workout" section of and make sure you don't need gyms to get fit.

If you do not know what the secret is, then our answer is simple - “Workout”. Workout is a phrase for the dedicated. For those who hear this term for the first time, we explain that Workout means work outside the home. The word work means, of course, training.

That is, the world has long come to the idea that you need to train your body with a weight that does not exceed your body weight. These are the most optimal workouts. To do this, you only need bars, a crossbar, a Swedish wall. Some specialists have reached such a level that they can simply perform exercises even without horizontal bars, just on the floor.

If you think that the effectiveness of such training is low, we invite you to visit our "Workout" section and just look at the form of those guys who blog on YouTube. It seems to us that you, at least, will be surprised. They achieved this result by simple training with their own weight.

If you are intrigued, just check out our heroes' workouts. They have posted everything online and are not hiding anything. Athletes will tell you about the specifics of training, a set of exercises, warm-up, etc.

We think this experience is unique, since you can try it all yourself and in a few months say whether it is true or not.

Just a few months will be sufficient for the first results.

But if you are too lazy to leave even the house, then just start push-ups from the floor. After three months of regular exercise, you will notice that your tummy has shrunk significantly and your chest, arms, and shoulders have become stronger. And already when you put on a T-shirt, your figure does not look so sad. If you want to get a similar result, then we invite you to visit our "Workout" section of the service.

Travel 7 categories

Category Travel blogs

Travel blogs 18 channels

Travel is probably one of the most favorite topics for viewing on YouTube. There are many explanations for this, but the main thing is, of course, the association with an imminent vacation and the onset of positive emotions.

In our turbulent age, there is no longer any problem to visit any place in the world, even the most southern or northern, where ice never melts. It all depends only on your desire and the availability of financial resources.

But if you do not have delivery financial resources or you are so busy that you cannot afford a vacation for a long period, then we will offer you a heading on the service - "Traveler Blogs". We highly recommend you visit it before your vacation.

Here are gathered travelers who have traveled to almost all the famous top vacation spots around the world. How is this useful for you? It's simple - you look at possible countries or places for recreation, find out the features of the trip, prices, accommodation, optimal tourist routes. Thus, even having never even once visited the place of your choice, thanks to the blogger, you get the maximum information for yourself, moreover, absolutely free.

You already know exactly how much you need to calculate how to get to the hotel and everything about hotels: their pros and cons and even the numbers of buses on which you will get to certain tourist mecca.

Who are travel bloggers? These are people who, due to their profession or life circumstances, can visit many different countries. Many exist solely thanks to travel and their posting on their channels. Therefore, they will definitely not deceive you and will show you everything as it is without exaggeration. After all, your attention is the guarantee of their existence.

It makes no sense for them to advertise uninteresting routes or low-grade hotels to you. They are fighting solely for trust, hence the high information content of their videos.

Be sure to visit our service, section "Travel Blogs", especially if you are going on vacation soon.

Category Travel expert

Travel expert 13 channels

If you like to relax outside your country or, for example, are going to travel abroad for the first time on vacation, we recommend that you look at the "Blogs of Travel Experts" on our service

Why does it seem to us that you need to take a closer look at this section? It's one thing when you just watch a blogger's video about a particular place for the sake of interest or good mood. But if you are going to really go there, then it probably makes sense to take this issue more seriously.

That is why it is advisable to visit travel agency blogs. What could be a small minus here. Small travel agencies want to make money, especially during the holiday season when there is a lot of competition. Therefore, you can be prepared for the fact that the information they show or show you will be a little embellished. That is, excellent angles are selected, cons are hidden, etc. You will be sold a beautiful "candy".

But if this is a "serious" travel agency that monitors its reputation and has been working on the market for a long time, then such blogs can be treated with a certain degree of trust.

First, you get a ready-made partner in the person of a travel agency, which has long been sending clients on this vacation. They know the situation there and will provide you with complete information. Secondly, they are interested in you visiting this place again and using their services again.

Therefore, we can say that travel agency blogs are pretty good information if you are still hesitant about choosing a vacation spot. In any case, you can simply contact these travel agencies and clarify all the details, including the financial plan, as well as individual nuances of the rest.

We would recommend visiting the blogs of travel agencies, first of all, for those who are going on vacation with their children. To visit a new vacation spot for the first time with children, especially small ones, without having complete information, would be the height of carelessness. And if you want your vacation with children not to turn into a nightmare, we would recommend that you prepare very carefully for it, for which you can use our service and the thematic section "Travel agency blogs".

Animals and nature 10 categories

Category Animals - mix

Animals - mix 15 channels

The animal world is unique, and it is, like space, unlimited. For this reason, it includes a lot of topics, each of which deserves special attention. Just imagine how rich the fauna of the oceans, seas, impenetrable jungles of America or Asia is.

How far science has advanced in the study of our nature, however, every year a new plant or insect, or microorganism is discovered about which science knows nothing.

Our service has created a special section "Animals - About Everything", in which bloggers will tell about many facts of the animal world that you did not even know about. We have collected only the best channels on a variety of topics.

Imagine how many interesting things you can learn about birds. After all, their habitats are endless. They live in the far north, and in the steppe zones, and in the mountains and in the jungle. However, their functioning is still so mysterious and unexplored that scientists cannot give answers to many questions.

The same situation is in the environment of the inhabitants of the deep sea. Very often, scientists find specimens that they never knew existed. It is also not clear to science and their purpose. And this is understandable, since the entire world ocean, judging by the results, did not even begin to be studied. And given its size and depth, one can only imagine what other discoveries await science.

What else can we talk about, if even those representatives of flora and fauna who have lived with us for many thousands of years and seem to have been perfectly studied sometimes confuse science. She opens up all new and new aspects that she cannot explain.

For this reason, on our resource a section "Animals - about everything" has been created. Here you will find a lot of interesting and unique videos about a wide variety of animals: both familiar and almost unexplored. We are sure that after reading these videos, you will receive a lot of positive emotions and knowledge. This world is so unique that it has not left a single person indifferent.

Category Cats

Cats 13 channels

Cats are rightfully considered the most beloved pets. Almost every family has a cat. Why are people so attracted to cats? It's all about their mysticism. Cats have unique abilities.

The ability of a cat to anticipate trouble, to see what a person cannot catch, to relieve psychological stress and fatigue has already been repeatedly noted.

American scientists have conducted multiple studies on the effects of cats on humans. Their results were simply stunning. It turns out that a cat directly affects the state of the human body.

Research has primarily been conducted on the effects of cats on blood pressure. All studies, without exception, have confirmed the fact that cats reduce blood pressure, and sometimes have a beneficial effect on the treatment of hypertension. Cats are excellent at normalizing their heart rate.

The unique ability of cats to relieve pain from certain vital organs is known. Very often the patients interviewed stated that when their cat lay down on the neck or shoulders, the headache abruptly passed.

A cat often intuitively lies down on a sore spot. Doctors assume that the diseased organ, due to improper work, emits more heat and that is why the cat lays down on this place.

The cat has a very beneficial effect on human health with its purr. Scientists have not yet given a definitive answer as to the reasons for such fluctuations in cats. However, science has proven that such a vibration has a very positive effect on a person and the restoration of the working capacity of his diseased organs.

Many psychics claim that cats perfectly sense pathogenic zones. They always bypass them or try in every possible way to show the owner that this place is dangerous by hissing or non-standard behavior. It is not for nothing that for centuries there has been a sign of letting a cat into a new house. It is believed that the place where the cat lies is optimal for the location of the bed.

Also, they say that cats perfectly feel otherworldly forces that the human eye simply does not see. Since the cat has a completely different vision system, they see more and deeper.

If you also love cats and want to learn more about these animals, we suggest you visit our Cats section on We are sure that you will be interested.

Video courses 12 categories

Category Photos and movies

Photos and movies 15 channels

If you have not yet decided on your hobby, then we suggest you visit the "Photos and Videos" section on our service. Also, this section will be of interest to amateurs who want to improve their theoretical knowledge.

Now this is a very promising occupation and it can bring you a good stable income. What exactly do we mean.

Even 15 years ago photography was just a hobby and not many people could make money on this subject. Earnings concerned only those photographers who worked professionally at weddings, special events, custom photo shoots. All the rest were content with enthusiastic assessments of only their closest circle, relatives and friends. The same was true for video filming.

Now everything has changed. Changed in connection with the active development of business in the field of web programming. The entire business began to massively come to the Internet, which led to an active demand for the development and creation of sites. However, to create a website, in addition to its technical content, you need style and design. But getting an exclusive design is already a problem. Now, for the most part, all sites are pretty similar, with rare exceptions. So, unique photos taken in a single copy, as well as dynamic and interesting videos, will give exclusivity to any site.

But in order to create and sell unique content, you need to work hard. It is necessary to choose the right technique, to learn how to work with it. Learn the rules of photography and video composition, understand the art of screenwriting, how to exhibit light, composition, etc. Also, an important task will be the professional study of programs for photo processing and video editing.

It is all these wisdom that our section "Photo and Video" teaches. In it, you will learn about the experience of professional photographers and cinematographers, and receive specific advice from them. Having received this knowledge, you will only have to apply it in practice, we hope successfully.

Category Dancing

Dancing 25 channels

As the ancients said, dancing is body language. However, it must be admitted that for some this "tongue" is very flexible and graceful, and for some it is bony. Many people are very worried that they are very ridiculous in dancing. It should be noted here that, like any other skill, dance skills can also be developed and honed.

If you remember the classics, then languages, music and dances were an obligatory attribute of the entire aristocracy. Precisely dancing. For the correct upbringing of children, special dance governors were hired, who were invited from France and Italy. Parents paid a lot of money so that their child could move well. Why it was so important. It's simple, the children of the then elite first got to know each other at balls. And it was according to the dances, or rather, the desire to dance with this or that partner, that stable ballroom pairs were formed, which, later, could develop into profitable parties, if, of course, the parents agreed.

In our time, not everything has changed fundamentally. The fact is that the ability to move well and beautifully always finds positive reviews and admiring glances. This is especially true for those young people who have given ballroom or sports dancing a significant part of their lives.

These young people always have excellent posture, they are slim and fit. Girls always have a wonderful figure, which is very important. Perhaps you have witnessed when, at the general celebration of some big celebration, against the background of ordinary dances, a couple begins to dance or waltz beautifully. This always attracts the attention of the participants of the celebration, and the rest of the dancers simply give way to professionals, since they all look against their background ...

Therefore, learn to dance, it is important and very often it can come in handy in life, sometimes even in those cases that you would never have thought of. Therefore, if you are interested in these issues, welcome to our service Here you will find a lot of interesting information about dancing, as well as learning this difficult craft.

Entertainment 5 categories

Category Video games

Video games 35 channels

The world has gone crazy - yes, that's what you can call what is happening in the modern world of video games. Everyone from kids to teenagers, men to women play games. Have you paid attention to what most people do on the train, subway, public transport? That's right, the vast majority of them play games on their gadgets.

Yes, it should be noted here that all these games are different both in terms of topics and complexity. For many games, your simple smartphone just won't work. It is for the same reason that everyone in the house has a desktop or laptop computer. How long do you work on it? Let's be honest - many just play on them, but they also work a little, of course.

Why is this happening? It's simple. Modern computer technology has advanced so far that it is now difficult to distinguish a computer game from a real simulator. The game has turned into a real battlefield or adventure, where everything is very realistic, from the environment to the sound effects.

It is because of the abstraction from real life that many people love computer games.

This is confirmed by the latest scientific studies, in which addiction to computer games is equated with alcohol or drug addiction.

It turns out that the part of our brain that is responsible for pleasure and enjoyment perceives computer games as a reward and subconsciously tries to prolong these positive emotions. For this reason, both teenagers and already quite adults can sit playing at the computer all night.

That only are such games as World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, World War Heroes, Modern Strike Online, Counter-Strike and many, many others.

Therefore, if you are so in love with these games and want to get acquainted with the experience of other players or learn about the best of them, learn from their experience and knowledge, visit our resource We have tried to combine all the main channels dedicated to the most famous and top-ranked online games, which will provide you with all the information you need, which, we hope, will be interesting and useful.

Category Music

Music 33 channels

Modern life involves heavy physical and psychological stress. Sometimes the psyche simply cannot withstand such a powerful informational or psychological set of circumstances. Often a person feels exhaustion and apathy.

What happens in the body when you experience a lot of negative emotions - you have stress. The cells in your body shrink, your heart rate increases, and your blood pressure rises. The body senses a threat and begins to work in an extreme situation. Resistance and immunity decreases. The result is that after a while you get sick.

If you have ever found yourself in such situations, then we recommend that you simply rest more often. It is important. Very important. Constant stress and bad mood will not lead to anything good.

What do leading foreign psychoanalysts recommend to us? The best way is to change the type of activity - going to the forest, to the village or to the dacha, to play sports, to swim. However, if you don't have time for that, you should have a selection of your favorite music close at hand.

Yes, don't be surprised, just music. Music has a beneficial and relaxing effect on your brain, which, in turn, sends appropriate signals to the body, signaling calmness. Thus, you eliminate the onset of stress and provide a quick release. This is very good for both your physical and mental health.

Of course, if you spend a significant part of your time behind the wheel, then you can use excellent music collections that will help pass your time on long trips or traffic jams. Thanks to your favorite music, oddly enough, you will be less quick-tempered and attentive while driving, which will save you from possible accidents.

If you want to know where to listen to great music, then welcome to our resource It is here that we have collected only the best channels with the most popular music. You only need to choose your favorite musical direction.

DIY 10 categories

Category DIY Woodworking

DIY Woodworking 34 channels

Wood and wood products have been accompanying our population since the moment of its settlement in these territories. Since the territories inhabited by Slavic tribes were predominantly wooded, then, accordingly, we can say that wood processing is a professional occupation of our ancestors.

From the first days of their existence in these territories, the Slavs began to use wood as the main material for the construction of their homes. They erected not only simple houses, but entire palaces made of wood for their nobility. It should be noted here that all this activity was carried out only with the use of axes and other small tools. At that time, there were no nails or metal staples. Thus, even then, our ancestors processed wood without additional fasteners.

However, the most important aspect in the construction of houses and palaces was, of course, their decoration, for which wood was also used exclusively. The craftsmen of those times reached such a level of perfection that they could cut wood exclusively with an ax, as well as with a knife. The results of their activities were simply unique. With these simple tools, they created such wood ornaments that they aroused undisguised admiration among high-ranking guests from other territories. However, all these works have not survived to our time due to the decay of the timber, as well as the constant raids of nomadic tribes who burned the main cities of the Slavs to the ground.

Woodworking was the main craft of our ancestors for many centuries and has remained so to this day. And this is easy to be convinced of. For example, if you are driving through the villages of Russia or Belarus, you will see that those houses that are made of wood are all decorated with carvings, special wooden art plates. The shutters are also carved, as are the elements of the gate and the fence.

There are two directions in wood processing: the creation of wood products and wood carving. Our resource will tell you in detail about this. Our craftsmen lead their channels in which they share their experience, as well as crafts. Sometimes, when you get to know their work better, it is very difficult to believe that it was made by one person and exclusively from wood.

Wood carving is a separate direction that requires artistic skills. Here it is necessary to understand very well the type of wood and its characteristics. This work is very responsible and painstaking, as it does not accept haste, because an incorrectly cut piece cannot be attached back.

If you want to get acquainted with the work of professional wood artists, then you just need to visit our service

Category Life Hacks

Life Hacks 19 channels

“Handicraft, DIY - mix” is probably one of the most applied sections of our service. Here everyone will find something interesting for themselves. We have collected here the most rated bloggers who do a lot of very interesting things exclusively with their own hands. But you can visually evaluate the result of their activity and even try to adopt something for yourself.

This section is for both women and men, both boys and girls. Here, only applied knowledge that will always be useful to you in life. Women and girls will be able to replenish their experience of knitting, embroidery, beading, ribbons. Making various toys and crafts with your own hands using a variety of techniques. We assure you, this is very interesting.

Many products that are shown by the masters in their blogs can decorate any exhibition. They will definitely not be ashamed of. Many, for sure, will sell well, as they are exclusive and made in a single copy exclusively by hand. This is very much appreciated today, especially abroad.

Men will also find a lot of useful things here. We have collected the most skilled bloggers who will share with you their diverse experience from making locks with your own hands to machine tools. In our time, this is important, because almost every man has a garage or a shed where he makes crafts. However, it is technically worthy to equip it, there are no financial possibilities, given how much the machines cost. In this regard, our bloggers will offer you a lot of solutions on how to create machines at home that will perform their tasks no worse than factory ones.

In addition, quite skilled bloggers will simply share their best practices and ideas. There are simply people who have skills and cannot just sit at home. They need to create something, invent, design. It is from such people that blacksmiths like Lefty are made.

If you also love tinkering and you have arms out of your shoulders, then you should definitely visit our resource We will have something for you to see and learn. We also invite your halves to visit this section. Your exchange of views on what you have seen will also be instructive.

Health 7 categories

Category Doctor’s blogs

Doctor’s blogs 11 channels

If you are actively interested in the issue of your health, then the section "Doctors' blogs" of our service was created especially for you. Here you will see blogs run by quite successful professionals in their field.

They will share their knowledge and experience with you. An important aspect of such channels is mutual communication. That is, through electronic communication, you can ask questions to doctors and get answers to them. Also, these issues can be broadcast and discussed on the channel.

Thus, you get the information you are interested in without spending any money, while on different topics and from different specialists. To some extent, this is an element of telemedicine, which is starting to be widely introduced in countries with developed economies. Its meaning lies in the fact that under-qualified doctors who are located at a considerable distance from medical institutes or centers can consult with their eminent colleagues on specific medical issues. Also, the patient can be present during communication.

The essence of telemedicine, in the future, will be reduced to remote examination of the patient without his departure. Of course, there are diseases that are difficult to determine remotely and a direct examination is necessary, however, simple diseases can be diagnosed remotely.

Doctors' blogs on our resource are the initial stages of telemedicine. At this stage, you can already consult with your doctor and ask him questions.

Also, our blogs will be of interest to other doctors who specialize in related topics. They will also receive a lot of interesting and useful information. And if representatives of medicine themselves maintain their own blogs, they can also be posted on, if requested.

Category Psychology

Psychology 9 channels

The modern world is developing very rapidly. Sometimes people simply do not keep up with its development and remain unsuccessful. This leads to very difficult psychological experiences and breakdowns. A person loses his job and a stable source of livelihood. He feels like an inferior member of society, falls into depression and begins to drive himself into a corner. After such stressful experiences, it is very difficult to quickly recover and start from scratch. And what is especially sad is that in the body such situations do not pass without leaving a trace and they will certainly present you with surprises in the form of chronic diseases in the future.

Modern psychology has learned to work professionally with the human brain. It has achieved particular success in countries with a high level of economic development. The thing is that, according to statistics, these countries have the highest level of psychological diseases and disorders. Everything happens due to the fact that, due to a very active rhythm and lack of proper rest, the psyche cannot stand it. For example, Japan is one of the most advanced economies, the leader in suicide per capita in the world. And all because the Japanese are very responsible and when they have problems at work or career, they simply cannot accept it.

Psychiatry is a bigger problem. It cannot be cured without surgical intervention. These processes need to be identified at the earliest stages. The earlier the correct diagnosis is made, the faster and easier the treatment.

However, all specialists are similar in one thing - the main guarantee of mental balance is rest, as well as self-control. There are a lot of techniques for this.

Oddly enough, winter swimming is very popular. Hardening leads not only to increased immunity, but also mental health. When a large volume of cold water hits the body, a very strong release of energy occurs and the person is simply cleansed. This is especially effective when bare feet touch the ground.

The sauna is also a rather useful procedure. You've probably noticed many times how good and elated you feel when you go out after a bath. All these procedures are the key to a stable and healthy psyche.

Science and technology 5 categories

Category Science

Science 20 channels

Everything in our world is interconnected, but only science can explain how much. Without scientific knowledge today, nowhere, but the point is that the progress of human development has become more active.

Progress is made possible by new technologies and scientific solutions. The whole world is now busy with science. All states and corporations, without exception, invest huge amounts of money in science. Ahead of all is China. This country has clearly demonstrated how from an old economy with a lagging economy that could only copy a product already produced, it has become one of the most technologically advanced in several decades. And the whole secret lies in the correct investment activity in science and industry.

Our service will give you the opportunity to check out many channels that talk about the latest advances in science and technology. It is very interesting and entertaining. You will learn about artificial intelligence, the latest achievements in space exploration, the latest technologies.

In this section of our service, we have paid a lot of attention to space exploration. We consider this an important area, because most likely our future is space. Sooner or later, humanity will face the problem of overpopulation and a lack of resources, and therefore will begin to colonize space. It is the country that will achieve maximum results in space exploration, rocket and propulsion technologies that will, over time, dictate conditions to the whole world.

Space is also of interest in terms of mining. Scientific research, thanks to spectral analysis, has already confirmed that many planets in the solar system have a lot of minerals that the earth is not rich in. And the one who will be the first to master them will rule humanity.

But at what stage are developments in this area, what science is now doing in the field of space exploration and other areas, you will find out if you visit our resource

Category Technology

Technology 16 channels

Achievements of science today, for the most part, can be seen by sight being implemented in technology. Why this is so. The thing is that from the moment of his appearance, a person continually thinks about how to reduce his energy costs, shifting them to technical devices. This is an example of a digging stick, making fire by rubbing wooden objects, the appearance of bows, the invention of the wheel, etc. Thanks to these innovations, the person began to feel much more comfortable. He began to eat better, get food quickly and move around.

Technology today has gone much further than it was a few decades ago. Progress is to blame, primarily in science and, as a consequence, in technology.

Our resource invites technology lovers to visit the eponymous section "Technology", which will tell you about the latest achievements in this area.

Even those people who have never been fond of this topic cannot remain indifferent, since technology is too deeply integrated into our lives. Take cars, for example. This industry is one of the most advanced in the use of the latest technical solutions. And this is understandable, because high competition and profits are at stake. It is the manufacturer who can most optimally and quickly take the latest technical solutions and receive the largest share of sales, and, as a result, the maximum profit.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are invested in technical development and solution worldwide. First of all, this is the creation of the latest weapons on fundamentally new physical principles, in aviation, astronautics, and robotics.

As for robotics, this area is one of the most progressively developing. Already, we are talking about the creation of artificial intelligence, which will replace humans in the management of complex technical units and devices. Robotics is now actively used in medicine for particularly complex operations where precision and endurance are needed. In these matters, technology will always be superior to man, since it excludes emotions.

Come to our service and we will introduce you to a lot of useful information in the field of the latest achievements in science and technology.

Investments, cryptocurrency, trading 4 categories

Category Investments

Investments 10 channels

To start talking about investments, you need to understand where to get this money. On our service in the "Investments" section you will receive an answer to the most important and primary question - where to get the first capital. You will be surprised, but for this it is not necessary to have a good inheritance or receive them from relatives. As practice shows, people who receive a lot of money without earning it usually lose it quickly.

Finance is work. Huge and painstaking work. As the successful millionaires say, earning the first million is not so difficult, but keeping these funds, not to mention multiplying, is the main task of such people.

So where to start. If you can put off your paycheck, that's a good signal. Further, as practitioners say, try to save on those things that are not vital to you. After all, the saved finances are the earned finances.

After you have formed a fairly decent amount for the first investment and you live in a stable state, make the first investment decision. Start with bank deposits. Choose a reliable bank, preferably with state participation. They usually do not have the highest rates, but they are more reliable. Consider offers and invest with a preliminary estimate of the inflation index. Put your finances in the currency in which you make all major payments.

Foreign currency deposits usually have very low rates and it is advisable to open them only if your country has an unstable financial situation. With these investments, only the bank earns, but you are content with the fact that the money simply does not lie in your home.

If the monthly income from the deposit covers your utility bills, this is already a success, since you are already saving additional funds. The surplus of savings, as well as interest on deposits, give you an additional resource to replenish your deposit and earn more significant funds.

When you come out to receive interest on deposits at the level of a third or half of your salary (subject to economic stability), then think about more significant investments. You can start your own small business, which we talk about in more detail in the "Startups" section, or consider the financial market, for example, securities or Forex.

In any case, no matter what decision you make in the future, you should know that this result became possible thanks to you and your decisions. It was you, practically out of nothing, who were able to save and invest correctly. As a result, they received significant monthly profits.

Category Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency 21 channels

The financial market just went crazy when cryptocurrency appeared and humanity learned that it itself, without banks and special closed structures, can create money. This idea has captured billions of Internet users, because it promised huge profits.


What is the essence of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, in a simple way, is electronic money. Each cryptocurrency coin contains a very complex code. The code includes a lot of various information built according to a special algorithm. And for this reason, this currency cannot be counterfeited.

Cryptocurrencies are different. They are developed by various groups of specialists. The cryptocurrency market has become so huge that it has caused concern even among international financial institutions such as the IMF. Everything went to the fact that people, corporations, and later states could simply refuse international settlements in US dollars or euros.

The thing is that payments in cryptocurrency are almost impossible to track and control. For example, any, even the smallest, non-cash transaction in US dollars is controlled by the US Federal Reserve System, which replaces the National Bank of this country. But the cryptocurrency and its movements cannot be tracked by any National Bank, even such a powerful country as the United States.

Accordingly, the concept of mining is a derivative of cryptocurrency. Mining refers to the mining or creation of cryptocurrency. The system is built in such a way that anyone can mine cryptocurrency and receive a small part of this currency from its creator for their services for the work done. What is this job. You are assembling a "farm". A farm is an ordinary computer on which a significant number of video cards or ASICs are installed (a special electronic system for quickly mining a particular cryptocurrency). This whole system receives and decrypts an algorithm that is sent to the creator of the cryptocurrency. For this you get a small part of this currency, which you can exchange for another cryptocurrency or convert to the currency of your country.

The cryptocurrency market is developing so quickly that you can pay for it in certain restaurants, buy an air ticket or rent a hotel room. Today, many companies offer cryptocurrency bank cards that instantly exchange your cryptocurrency for the currency in which the on-line settlement takes place. Agree, this is very convenient.

Our resource will help you understand the intricacies of cryptocurrency and mining, you just need to go to the "Cryptocurrency and Mining" section. Here we have collected all the latest information on this topic, which is regularly updated.

Gardening 5 categories

Category Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening 21 channels

Growing a garden is a very long and laborious process, because each of us knows that in order to give the first fruits a tree must grow for about 5 years. Moreover, it should not disappear in cold winters, resist pests, etc.

Also, an important issue is the process of planting a tree. Those who have had a garden at least once in their life know that this is a whole science. Planting a garden correctly is at least 50% of success.

Why is having a garden so important? The fact is that many people lately prefer fruits from their gardens and orchards. This is also due to the fact that the market is overflowing with products in which the presence of pesticides exceeds all permissible standards. One such poisoning is enough to think about your garden.

If you already have or are thinking of starting your own garden and you have the opportunity for this, we suggest visiting our service In it, we have specially created the "Garden" section, in which specialists will share with you all their knowledge and wisdom.

At the first stage, you need to decide how to choose the right trees, what to look for. After you have chosen the right seedling, you need to know at what time this or that tree to plant and in what soil. Before planting the seedling, the soil also needs to be processed, and powder should be added to the pit, which will increase the habituation of the roots to the soil and provide them with adequate nutrition at the first stage of growth.

Further, as the tree has taken root, you closely monitor its growth, water it regularly and, if necessary, spray.

Spraying is also a very important process. For spraying, not only the chemical is important, but also the sprayer. Why? The point is that chemicals must be precisely dosed. Conventional sprayers cannot guarantee dosage. In some place they will give out a larger volume, and in some less. In addition, an important aspect of sprayers is the material from which the tank is made, its exposure to the sun's rays, the ability to install special spray nozzles - special devices that provide the required outlet pressure of the incoming chemistry at the end of the nozzle, as well as provide vortex enveloping of the leaves. This is one of the most important aspects, since conventional and simple sprayers ensure that the chemicals hit the top of the leaf, and special equipment - from all sides of the leaf, destroying pests as much as possible.

Taking care of your garden is a very responsible process. You need to spend a huge amount of time on it. On our resource, we will also tell you how to properly prune trees, ensure their protection from pests, and also plant different varieties.

Visit and use what you learn to grow a complete fruitful garden that you'll be proud of.

Category Garden Landscape

Garden Landscape 13 channels

The theme of decorating a backyard territory has become relevant in our post-Soviet countries only in the last 20 years, which was caused by the rapid growth of entrepreneurial activity of the population and the growth of the well-being of many citizens.

During this period, that layer of people appeared who could afford to build their own house not from available funds, as it was before, but on order and on a turnkey basis. From a certain time, companies that began to offer such projects took them from foreign catalogs, which necessarily involved the arrangement of the local area.

Over the past years, domestic landscape designers have significantly optimized their experience through internships abroad, cooperation with foreign companies, as well as the development of domestic design.

For 20 years, national universities have introduced and have been able to train relevant specialists, whom the USSR did not graduate due to lack of need. However, the market demanded specialists, and they were prepared.

Today it is impossible to build an individual or multi-storey building without decorating the local area. Sometimes this territory is designed much more colorful and talented than the structure itself.

When you look at design solutions, you are often surprised at the taste and professionalism of specialists. They, in fact, build separate thematic zones, which have their own logic and content. Today, such design projects already include the construction of entire lakes, which are completely artificial structures, supplemented by waterfalls, small channels through which exquisite decorative bridges are thrown.

Also, this whole variety of greenery is complemented by evening lighting, which is also unique in its execution. At night, it makes your home and surroundings look fabulous. It is impossible to look at such work without admiration.

Modern territories will allow you to make hilly terrain out of the plain, plant a small grove, surround it with an artificial reservoir, in which ornamental fish will be found all year round.

If you have your own house or are planning to build it, we suggest that you visit the service, where specialists will tell you in detail and exchange experience on landscape and design issues, as well as the organization of the local area. This is also important if you have small children and want to create a fabulous atmosphere for them. For this, special solutions have been developed that will not leave you and your children indifferent.