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Channel Aarons Aquarium

Aarons Aquarium

The goal here is to make your aquarium experience fun and rewarding. At Aarons Aquarium we try our best to make reefing as simple to understand as possible so you can maximize your experience from day one. Aarons Aquarium is also on Facebook where you will find even more helpful content.



Everything Freshwater Planted Aquariums - DIY Aquarium Projects, Aquarium Science, Planted Tanks and much more. All In one place! Hey I'm Mike and I've been planting aquariums for the past 10 years. I recently graduated with an MS in Microbiology for studying the physiology of nitrifying bacteria. I chose this path in part because I love the ecology of planted aquariums. Here I share with you my knowledge of science applied to the planted aquarium, as well as the projects I've made over the years you can use on your planted aquariums. I try my best to upload 2 - 3 videos each week, 1 project or science video, a fish and plant profile and or a product review. ➨ Hit the SUBSCRIBE button to stay up to date with all the planted aquarium related things I have going on! ✔ Download the free 15 aquarium tips on our site!

Channel Aquarium Co-Op

Aquarium Co-Op

At Aquarium Co-Op we focus on your aquariums. We specialize in aquatic plants, freshwater tropical fish and the over all betterment of the freshwater fishkeeping hobby. Our online store offers a one stop shop fulfilling the needs of a beginner to an advanced hobbyist. Our YouTube channel provides knowledge to further you own knowledge and confidence, taking you from just keeping fish to creating an aquarium hobby.

Channel Bulk Reef Supply

Bulk Reef Supply

BRStv brings you relevant and easy to understand information about the saltwater aquarium and reefing hobby. At, we want to make reefing fun and easy. • Instructional Videos -- DIY projects such as setting up a reverse osmosis system, hanging an LED light or installing a sump. • Educational Videos -- Starting, maintaining and keeping a saltwater tank, choosing the right protein skimmer or selecting the best aquarium lighting for your tank set up. • Product Review Videos -- Expand your knowledge of popular reefing products from brands like EcoTech, Vertex, Kessil, Neptune, Korallen-Zucht, Red Sea and more. Don't miss a thing. Subscribe to BRStv to be notified of new episodes.

Channel Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a non-profit working marine animal hospital. We are also home to Winter and Hope, the stars of the Dolphin Tale movies. Winter is the only dolphin to ever receive a full prosthetic tail. However, what we do is so much more. We inspire the human spirit, through the animals and their stories of survival, which touch all of us. We educate young people on the preservation and conservation of our animals and environment. We collaborate on scientific research to better understand animal behavior, illness, treatment and the prevention of animal decline. We protect the growth of the endangered sea turtle population. We rescue and rehabilitate injured animals with the aim of releasing them back into their natural habitat. When this isn’t possible, we provide long term residential care. We are located at 249 Windward Passage, Clearwater, FL 33767. You can contact Clearwater Marine Aquarium @ (727) 441-1790

Channel Dustin's Fish Tanks

Dustin's Fish Tanks

Aquarium Plants and planted fishtanks. Dustin's Fish tanks. I love this channel and have a blast with the aquarium hobby. Dirt in my planted tanks for days. I believe that you don't have to spend a fortune or do a ton of work to have a killer planted tank. You just need to take the time and dirt your planted aquarium tank. This channel has been dedicated to me spreading my knowledge about keeping fish and planted aquarium tanks. I love it. People ask me all kinds of questions and I answer everything. Let me know what you want to know or what you want to see. I'll hook it up! I also SELL some of the aquarium plants you see on Ask me if you see something you want!I

Channel Flip Aquatics

Flip Aquatics

My name is Robert Lupton and I started LupDiesel YouTube channel in 2009. I initially had the intention to use YouTube to record my own ventures in the aquatic hobby. Before I knew it, I had a following of faithful subscribers that supported and encouraged me to continue to pursue my passion. By 2014, I knew that I wanted to take my love for shrimp and fish to the next level. In July of that year, Flip Aquatics, LLC was formed. Flip Aquatics is a USA based business out of Warren Ohio. We specialize in freshwater shrimp. Flip Aquatics breeds the shrimp they sell right here in the USA. By doing this, we plan to cut down on shipping time, help eliminate disease and parasites, and lower the cost of the actual shrimp.

Channel Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Located at the ocean's edge, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is your window to marine life -- for dive masters and non-swimmers alike. It's home to sea otters, penguins, sharks, jellies, and thousands of other marine animals and plants. Plus, there are people who are wild about these critters -- like you are. For more of Aquarium videos and live web cams, please visit Do you have a footage from your last visit to the Aquarium? Join our Monterey Bay Aquarium group and share your own favorite footage We welcome your comments, but due to the family appeal of our videos, comments containing profanity or slurs will not be displayed.

Channel Rachel O'Leary

Rachel O'Leary

Rachel lives in York, PA where she maintains a basement fishroom, a greenhouse, and an online business. She travels the world to lecture and educate people on her passion for all things aquatic- specializing in nano fish, hillstream species, and freshwater invertebrates as well as a special interest in monster primitive fish. She is the co-author of the best selling Aquarium book 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species as well as a contributing author to Amazonas Magazine, and The Aquatic Gardener. For the past 3 years she has put out frequent YouTube content to expand her educational efforts.

Channel L.R.Bretz's Aquatics

L.R.Bretz's Aquatics

Tired of your fish dying? This channel should help! This channel is for all aquatic enthusiast. Documents my hundreds of planted aquariums and much more aquatic freshwater happenings. Fish, shrimp, plants, and more. I like to keep it natural and simple.

Channel Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies

Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies

Marine Depot is the original online aquarium superstore! We've been making tanks look great since 1998 and have everything you need to build or improve your reef aquarium or freshwater planted tank available on our website. Here on our YouTube channel you'll find hundreds of helpful videos on topics ranging from aquarium lighting, water flow, and filtration to fun event coverage, interesting interviews with industry influencers, and eye-popping featured tanks from around the world. Follow our own tank builds and adventures in aquarium keeping from our offices in Garden Grove, CA! Have questions about the hobby? Go ahead, ask us anything!

Channel melevsreef


It's my hope that the information I share will help answer those pesky questions and help you be successful in this hobby. Some videos may be longer to adequately cover the topic, while others are brief moments with eye candy. Subscribe and you won't miss a beat. Plenty of content in the form of articles, blogs and images can be found on and the search will find answers to most questions. Marc Levenson Melev's Reef, Inc.

Channel Reef Builders

Reef Builders

Get all your rare fish and top-shelf reef aquarium videos here. This is the official youtube channel of

Channel Steenfott Aquatics

Steenfott Aquatics

Aquarium channel dedicated to all varieties of tropical fish, reptiles and other exotic animals. for business inquiries

Channel Syed Shah5001

Syed Shah5001

All About Aquarium Fish information and care guide & Aquarium setup guide in Hindi Urdu with English subtitles, Now updating videos 1 week Aquarium store visiting videos and 1 week fish care videos Now it's easy to care your fish and know your fish current status during store visiting videos Please subscribe to stay connect with me For business queries email id Note: we have second fish channel in Kannada language too Also I have another channel about Tech , SS IT please subscribe to my both channels

Channel The king of DIY

The king of DIY

WELCOME TO MY AQUARIUM CHANNEL! Aquarium videos that will inspire and educate all levels of fish tank hobbyists! You may know me as Joey Mullen, the king of DIY, uarujoey or the DIY fishkeeper.

Channel Tidal Gardens

Tidal Gardens

Welcome to Tidal Gardens on YouTube. This channel is about all things saltwater with an emphasis on reef aquariums and propagating coral in icy cold Copley, OH. I love underwater videography and showing the incredible beauty of the coral reefs.

Channel Aquarium Hobby

Aquarium Hobby

My name is Kavish Hasan, I am medical student & I am from India ,I love my hobby and here my motive is Aquarium & Fish related Education and inspiration New project. If you enjoy Fish & Aquarium keeping then this is the place for you. Business contact details

Channel MASS Aquariums

MASS Aquariums

My channel is all about simplifying the Aquarium Hobby. My focus is making videos on Planted Aquariums, Reef Aquariums and utilizing Live Streams to educate and excite. My goal is to inspire hobbyists and let them know anyone can enjoy a beautiful Aquarium. You will learn, triumph and make your aquarium thrive. Don't forget to grab yourself the One and Only Aquarium Subscription Box on the market. Go visit and as always FREE SHIPPING! Now you can get all your aquarium supplies from My Aquarium Box with special membership benefits. Hit that LINK

Channel Mr. Saltwater Tank TV

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV

Taking the confusion out of setting up and owning a saltwater tank. Mr. Saltwater Tank TV is the most popular saltwater tank show on YouTube due in part to it's highly entertaining and educational format.

Channel Wonder Pets & Aquariums

Wonder Pets & Aquariums

This channel gives you a full knowledge about Aquarium and pet keeping. Your valuable comments and like are appreciated.. Have a great day..

Channel ADU Aquascaping

ADU Aquascaping

ADU Aquascaping is excited to announce their partnership with BucePlant! *When ordering type "ADU15" into the code section and you will receive 15% off on your first plant order! And other products! *When ordering type "THISISMYSECOND" into the code section and you will receive 10% off on your second plant order! And other products! *When ordering type "ADU10" into the code section and you will receive 10% off on your first shrimp package order! To get to their website click on the BucePlant Icon link that I have embedded below! You have 30 days from the time that you click on the link to order! So don't miss out! I am here to guide you towards your goal of becoming a Planted Tank Guru. Welcome to ADU Aquascaping. Subscribe to my channel so you can enjoy up-to-date content including: planted tank lectures, DIY projects, aquarium design tips, aquarium sciences, fertilizer dosing methods, husbandry techniques, cinematic aquarium videos, general aquarium tips and more!


Fish and aquariums are probably the most relaxing natural phenomenon at home. The truth is, you can not only watch the fire and the water flow forever, but also the fish swimming. Any aquarium is always a decoration, be it home or office. It has a special magic, especially if created by professionals.

We are sure that you once kept or planned to have an aquarium in your life. Yes, this is a troublesome process, as the fish are quite whimsical and improper handling can lead to their death. In addition, the very process of acquiring an aquarium and fish, as well as accessories, is also not cheap.

However, how can this be compared to the emotions that you receive in return.

In the evening, after a hard day at work, you just walk up and sit in a comfortable chair next to the aquariums. Thanks to the special lighting that all aquariums are equipped with, you will enter a unique comfort zone. Your eyes, watching the smooth movements of the fish, relax, and your brain is distracted. And after a short time, you feel complete relaxation and increased mood.

Remember, an aquarium filled with fish always improves your mood and leads to relaxation of your body.

Before starting an aquarium, however, there is a lot of information you need to know. You must choose the right aquarium itself, its dimensions, and also the material. Further, an important issue is the purchase of equipment for air supply and water purification. A separate place is occupied by food.

When you have everything ready, it is time to buy fish. This is an exciting and responsible process. Take it seriously. And to be more prepared and make the right choice, visit our resource Here experts will tell you in detail about the features of certain fish, their advantages and disadvantages, the specifics of the content and nutrition. This information will be very helpful to you.