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Channel Hamsters - Jaieden & Gerard

Hamsters - Jaieden & Gerard

Thank you for watching our #Hamster videos & visiting our Hamster Channel! For more #hamsters, please like our Page! (2019)

Channel Malica Hamilton

Malica Hamilton

Hey everyone, It's Malica ! @malicahamilton @tinyhamsterpaws For business enquiries :

Channel Munchie's Place

Munchie's Place

Welcome to my community. My name is Munchie and I advocate for #ThinkAdoptionFirst and care for animals who're rehomed. I run my own foster based Rescue for small mammals like hamsters, gerbils and mice and share my passion for pet keeping online. I like to bring awareness to appropriate animal care, talk about hot pet topics and have my own opinions and views. If you share similar thoughts, enjoy the content or my mission to rescue, than come see what this channel is about & become apart of the Munchkin Family. ⭐Video Schedule: Monday @ 9:00am PST My Channel would be rated PG with crude language but please use common sense when watching videos. Not all of my content is approved for young children. Thank you. ► Munchie's Place supports local Shelters and Rescues, encouraging others to think Adoption first! ► My Rescue is Munchie's Place for Homeless Pets on IG. Please do not contact me there about YT stuff. It's only for Fostering/Rescue.

Channel Victoria Raechel

Victoria Raechel

Hi I'm Victoria and I am 20 years old! On my channel you will see often see my two rabbits ???? and 3 hamsters ???? where my goal is to teach and show the proper care of both species and show you our life! You can also sometimes see our Crested gecko, dog and cat! Animals are a big passion in my life and I learn something new about them everyday. ???? I try to upload videos every Saturday so make sure you subscribe and turn on that notification bell so you never miss a video! Thanks for Subscribing! ????

Channel AprilsAnimals


Cute hamsters, more cute hamsters and even more cute animal videos. Watch tiny dwarf hamsters do the cutest things in their custom made playgrounds and obstacle courses.

Channel Breakfast with Butternut the Hamster

Breakfast with Butternut the Hamster

Hi, I'm Butternut. I'm a hamster. A hamster on a mission - to nibble all things nibbleable! I love to eat all types of food, and I'm inviting you to join me on a journey to eat everything a hamster is allowed to. My hamster cuteness has been featured by several media organizations including The Dodo, Right This Minute, The Aardvark and more! As a hamster food critic, I also post a lot of my favorite DIY hamster recipes in my video descriptions that you can try, too! Don't forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe so you can always join me for breakfast. Alright, enough small talk, let's go nibble! Like me on Facebook, Follow me on Instagram and my Blog and of course subscribe to my YouTube! Instagram: Facebook: Blog: YouTube (you're on it!): Influencer with!

Channel HammyLux


This Channel is a little bit of everything. Vlogging certain aspects of my life and Pets.

Channel HoppingHammy


Hi! I'm HoppingHammy! ◕ ‿ ◕ I love hamsters and also enjoy photography and film-making. I have one Syrian hamster named Kashi. She was adopted at 6 months old and I hope to give her a happy life! ♡ ♡ ♡ My channel is a fun mix of hamster videos and randomness! I hope you enjoy my content, laugh, and learn a lot about hamsters. Thank you for stopping by! :) *Please note that I am not a veterinarian. You should always seek veterinary help, in case of an ailment or emergency, and not rely solely on online help. FAQ: ==== ♥ WHAT IS YOUR UPLOAD SCHEDULE? I do not have a set schedule, but aim to upload quality over quantity. ♥ WHAT EDITOR DO YOU EDIT VIDEOS WITH? My editing software is Avid Studio. ♥ WHAT CAMERA DO YOU USE? I use three different ones - Canon 60D, Sony G7X, HDR-CX500,

Channel KimmieGreen17


I'M SORRY. I'M ON A BREAK RIGHT NOW. BUSY WITH BEING A MOTHER TO MY NEWBORN SON ❤ :D I'm KimmieGreen17 and I ❤ animals! I have 2 hamsters: ♢ T-Rex ♂ (Black, polywhite, dominant spot, banded, short haired, Syrian hamster) ♢ Zorro ♂ (Merle Black, Winter white dwarf hamster) This Channel will have videos mainly about hamster cuteness, hamster care and small pet DIY. But also some random videos. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ★ Follow me on instagram or twitter ★ I hope you enjoy my channel! RULES: (This Channel won't accept comments that are rude or hatefull) (And I don't do sub for sub) - Being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be - KimmieGreen17 INFO: SCHEDULE: New video every 7-14 days VIDEO EDITOR: Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate CAMERAS: Canon LegriaHFr506 & Nikon Coolpix P600 LOGO: Greenie The Ham (Custom made ©KimmieGreen17) WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I live in The Netherlands/Holland :)

Channel The Secret Life of my Hamster

The Secret Life of my Hamster

It's too boring to stay in a cage for the hamster. He wants adventure and travel!

Channel VanillaHamHam


Hamster DIYs, mini cooking and cuteness!ヽ(・∀・)ノ


The hamster is one of the most common pets. It belongs to the class of rodents, just like mice, pigs, and rats. Hamsters are very fond of buying for small children, as their main pet. He attracts kids very much and from the very childhood they begin to appreciate nature and treat it with respect.

Establishing a hamster at home has a very significant educational function for your baby. The main thing is that he begins to care about someone and worry. This is important, since the child's attitudes and values ​​are correctly formed. Such a baby, having matured a little, is unlikely to tear off the legs or wings of a butterfly.

So, hamsters are different. Basically, they acquire the most common species - the Syrian hamster. They live from one and a half to three years. The choice of animal is very important. You need to know the rules for choosing a healthy individual. For example, he should look good, he should have a clear look, he should have no nasal discharge, and the fur around his butt should be clean.

A separate place is occupied by the choice of the cage, its size, as well as the location of the rods. The animal's housing must also be properly decorated. It should have a place for food, sleep, toilet, toys, which will be occupied by the hamster.

Your little one should constantly monitor the hamster and know how to properly feed and wash it. You even have to cut his regrown marigolds, and if he is sick, go to the vet.

It is strongly not recommended to treat the animal roughly. Drive him into the corner of the cage, shout, wave his arms, scare. Press or squeeze hard. Do not take a hamster in your arms if he is sleeping or just woke up. All this can lead to a bite.

Constant conversations with the animal, stroking it are encouraged. Learn to handle your hamster correctly so you don't hurt him. Before picking up the animal, wash your hands well so that they do not emit a strong, pungent smell. Also wash your hands after handling it.

Pay attention to the location of the cage. It should be quiet. Hamsters do not tolerate very hot or cold air. Drafts are contraindicated for them.

If you did not know all this, but are planning to get a hamster, be sure to visit our service in the "Hamsters" section. It will be very interesting and informative for you.