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Beadaholique is an online bead, beading and jewelry supplies company with free U.S. shipping! We have enjoyed serving beginners, craftspeople and professional jewelers since 1999. We pride ourselves on our quality, low prices and friendly customer service! We carry major brand names and small studio artist pieces. Over 35,000 items in-stock including Swarovski crystal beads, pendants, charms, european style large hole beads, chain and more. Hundreds of free projects and beading instructions. Coupons available weekly. Check out our website to see current Beading Contests and Giveaways. Please SUBSCRIBE for new weekly jewelry tutorials!

Channel Beading tutorials

Beading tutorials

Free beading tutorials-Jewellery making -Beginners beading projects. This is a beading channel where you can easily learn how to make jewellery featuring a variety of styles and beading techniques with these DIY jewellery tutorials. There are lots of free jewellery making projects to choose from including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and paper craft.

Channel Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry

Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry

A fun and informative place to share my bead weaving tutorials and designs.

Channel Jill Wiseman

Jill Wiseman

My goal is to bring you great new designs, and to make beading easy and fun. I have tutorials and patterns appropriate for both beginning beaders who are looking to dip their toes in for the first time and test the waters, and expert beaders who are on the look out for the next amazing design. I became a full-time beadweaving jewelry designer and teacher in 2004, and have had the pleasure of teaching at national bead shows like Bead&Button and Bead Fest ever since, as well as traveling to bead stores and bead societies across the world. My home is in Austin, Texas, with my mother (June), as well as my two dogs (Winston & Poppy) and two cats (Josie & Piper) who only occasionally eat the beads. I am also the author of Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes, a book released by Lark Publishing in 2012, and was proud to be selected as one of Beadwork Magazine's Designers of the Year for 2013. You can reach me by email at:

Channel Offthebeadedpath


This channel is dedicated to the art of bead work. On this channel you will find fun and easy step by step bead weaving tutorials. Tutorials range from beginner to advanced.

Channel Ruby Lockwood Designs

Ruby Lockwood Designs

I am a crafter of all kinds...I mostly enjoy making papercrafting...Mini Albums..and I love quilting!

Channel Sonysree Creations

Sonysree Creations

Hi there, Welcome to my channel!????????... This is where I share my passion for Beading with the world. I started Sonysree Creations in 2017 as a way to help share the love of the Jewelry Making with anyone willing to watch an learn. I had no idea that so many of you would tune in and love to Bead with me! I've shared over 100 Patterns here on YouTube, all of them are super Easy to make. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Hi, My lovely Friends, As many of you suggested, I created a PayPal account for your valuable donations.If anyone interested please check the link below Thanks for your support ???? Don't forget to Subscribe, like & comment for more videos ❣️ Connect with me on :- Instagram ❣️ Facebook ❣️

Channel B4Pbakup


This is my video channel, if you like to check out my main channel go here

Channel Beads Art

Beads Art

Hey guys, I'm vineeta Mishra creator of Beads art, Beads Art channel is dedicated to all DIY project, Home decor, fashion haul, Vlog and reviews Don't forget to Subscribe, like & comment for more videos ......................................................... For business inquiries - ........................................................... SUBSCRIBE for new videos

Channel Beads Direct

Beads Direct

Welcome to Beads Direct TV - providing you with weekly tutorials on how to make a variety of jewellery. Follow us as we help you to develop your skills in making bracelets, necklaces and much more! What will you create? Let us deliver your creative inspiration.

Channel CSLdesigns


Welcome to my channel. My name is Christina Larsen and I make handmade jewellery and other creative crafts and aim to share my skills and ideas with everyone. I upload tutorials on different projects within many different mediums of jewellery making and crafts every Monday and Friday and sometimes Wednesdays, and always aim to make my instructions as clear and easy to follow as possible. If you're interested in what I do, please feel free to subscribe and become part of the craft community on youtube, where there is always room for creative minds. Email for business enquiries only: I am not interested in any networks, so please refrain from contacting me.

Channel Gina's Gem Creations

Gina's Gem Creations

This channel is dedicated to beading tutorials. I aim to create tutorials for moderate to advanced beaders. Some knowledge of basic beading stitches will be beneficial to those interested in the projects featured here. There are many channels out there for the beginning beader but not many projects for the experienced beader looking for a new idea, I know, I was one of them. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. . I hope to create videos for others that can be a starting point, an inspiration if you will, to provide a creative avenue by which to make the featured designs into something of your own. The projects featured will be larger and demand more beads and time than most videos featured on You Tube. They will also offer more opportunity to modify the projects for fresh and new looks. The goal is to create those WOW pieces that sell like hot cakes! My hope is an environment will develop where we can grow as artists together.

Channel JRPDesigns


Hi Fellow Beaders!, my name is JP. Welcome to my channel. My goal in creating this channel is to bring you great designs and tutorials to make jewelry, to teach you something new about beading and to inspire your inner artist. Beading is fun for me and I want you to experience the same joy I feel every time I work with beads. I must warn you that once you start it is an addiction that will be hard to shake. Beads may take over your life. :) By the way did I mention that I'm left-handed. This channel is for beading tutorials for the beginners to the advanced. Visit my etsy shop: My email: Check out my lessons and courses

Channel Sidonia's Handmade Jewelry

Sidonia's Handmade Jewelry

#freebeadingtutorials Hello and Welcome to my jewelry making tutorials channel! I hope you'll enjoy what you'll see here and have a little bit of fun beading with me! I'm Szidonia and I am also Sidonia, without the Z - don't get confused, it's always me... :D :D :D


If you love to do embroidery, then we think that our section "Beadwork" on will be very interesting and informative for you. Bead embroidery is a very difficult and time consuming process. Usually they come to this technique after they have had a good experience in ordinary embroidery.

The thing is that working with beads requires high endurance. After all, it is clear that each bead must be selected, strung and sewn on. One can only imagine how much time it takes for the master to prepare such work and the work itself.

However, what do you get in the end. To find out, we invite you to get acquainted with the channels of our masters at, who will introduce you in more depth to this unique embroidery technique. Of course, the result will delight and inspire.

Please note that, compared to conventional embroidery, beads give a more harmonious and rich picture. It is more voluminous and colorful.

Working with beads also significantly expands your functionality. After all, beads can be used not only in embroidery. If you are familiar with beads, then it is enough to stock up on a small amount of thin wire and you can create toys and crafts, which will also differ in their unique shape and play of colors.

We also want to note that in addition to the aesthetic function, working with beads also has a positive effect on your health. Monotonous work will have a positive effect on your psychological state. You will become much more restrained and calmer. Working with small details with your fingers will have a positive effect on the development of motor skills and the development of joints. Well, in general, constant and systematic engagement in what you love with a positive end result will always bring positive emotions, which is a guarantee of good mood and stable health.