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Harry Rogers

Leather work, green woodworking and related crafts. I run a small leather business called Bucklehurst Leather Ltd and I do a lot of green woodworking as a hobby. I also like making films about various things that take my fancy...mostly crafts and travel. Disclaimer: My films are for entertainment and inspiration purposes only. Using tools can be dangerous so be safe and work at your own risk. All the films on this channel belong to Bucklehurst Ltd; and any assets and liabilities associated with the films accrue to Bucklehurst Ltd; and not to Harry Rogers personally. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites

Channel Saddleback Leather

Saddleback Leather

They'll fight over it when you're dead

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Springfield Leather

Family Owned & Operated Leather and Leather Crafting Store (800) 668-8518 1463 S Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO 65804

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Tandy Leather


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Weaver Leathercraft


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Bruce Cheaney

Leather craft vlog leather working tutorials How to work leather, DIY leather, Saddle making videos YouTube, leather craft ideas. Bit and spur making metal working by Bruce Cheaney leathercraft blogs forums. I started out working in my Mom and Dad's saddle shop and western store here in Gainesville Texas sometime in the early 1960's. At first I did saddle repair and made western name belts and wallets. Saddle making dates back to the year 1850 in my family tree. Along the way I picked up metal working and silver smithing to add to my resume. Thanks for stopping by my YouTube Channel and you are welcome to subscribe and comment on my videos.

Channel garyipip


what's up guys!!! I am an enthusiastic leather crafting hobbyist!!! I hope you enjoy every bit of my creations!!! Thank you very much!!!

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Salty Dog

Привет! Ты попал на канал кожевенной мастерской "Salty dog" На этом канале ты увидишь различные уроки по изготовлению изделий из кожи. А так же много интересно и полезного из жизни мастерской. Не забудь подписаться! Спасибо!

Channel The Leathercraft Academy

The Leathercraft Academy

All you need to know to make leather goods by hand only, stitching, molding, pricking, skiving and so on... this channel is entirely dedicated to leatherwork! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need patterns and custom-made leather stamps visit our store: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow facebook page: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to the channel to get updated on the upcoming videos and to support us!

Channel Kinnari Leather

Kinnari Leather

This channel is about Leathercraft, using traditional techniques! I will make videos of all kinds of Leather goods.

Channel Arthur Porter

Arthur Porter

Dallas Designing Dreams is a non-profit organization located in Dallas Texas, we teach from 2 years old and older in our community and around the world how to make leather products and entrepreneurship, We started our Dallas Designing Dreams Online Academy channel so we can reach out into to the world and educate anyone that want to learn, can do so for free. E-Mail: Visit our web-site Contact us at: 214-421-9900

Channel Fischer Workshops

Fischer Workshops

A channel dedicated to having fun with leather. I hope I can inspire creativity in others while teaching people the wonderful traditions of leather artistry.

Channel Armitage Leather

Armitage Leather

A look at the basic traditional methods used in leatherwork.


Leather goods accompany a person from the moment of his appearance. From the lessons of history, we know that the first clothes that a person began to wear was the skins of killed animals. She was suitable because she was warm, thanks to the remaining wool on the skin, and also had increased wear resistance.

Despite the rapid development of mankind, it has not abandoned leather products. At all times, leather was an attribute of clothing, and even armor. In case you are not aware, leather armor was very popular during the Roman period. They were made from thick hoofed skins and, due to the multi-layer imposition, very well protected soldiers from piercing and cutting weapons.

In the Middle Ages, leather was again indispensable. Of course its main use was in horse harness. Leather craftsmen worked just wonders, decorating leather with precious stones and metals for rich nobles. Leather turned out to be a fairly optimal material for such work.

Despite the rapid growth of technological progress, leather goods continued to accompany mankind. She again proved to be indispensable in the field of harness, clothing, accessories, and industry.

With the advent of the first cars, leather began to be actively used in their production, primarily for interior decoration. It was actively used in aviation, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering.

Leather products received a distinctive feature during the revolutionary events of 1917. During this period, all Soviet commissars, which immediately distinguished them from the crowd, were dressed in leather jackets, which were distinguished by their increased wear resistance. This image of a man in a leather jacket, a cap and a leather harness on his side will go down in the history of the Soviet Union for many years. Leaders of other countries that have supported the path of socialist development, for example, China, will take over the same style of leather clothing.

Leather products received a new round of popularity after the collapse of the USSR in the 90s. Due to their quality, leather jackets have become the most beloved clothing of the entire population. Their main supplier was Turkey, from which they were imported in industrial volumes.

Today, leather is not so popular, but the masters of their craft continue to amaze customers, which is what their channels on our service are devoted to. They are very interesting and educational. The craftsmen will tell and show you how their leather products are made, how to choose the right leather, what it is and what its peculiarity is. They will also share the secrets of the right choice of leather products, given that there are a lot of fakes on the market now, where leather has been replaced with leatherette.

Visit our resource to gain knowledge that will not allow unscrupulous sellers to deceive you and sell low-quality goods made from second-rate raw materials.