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Hello & welcome to my channel! My name is Joycy, I'm an ancestral Fashion Artiste, creative traveller, I speak 8 languages and I love to dress like the rainbow. My grandma Maninha used to sew and sell clothes in Cabo Verde, my mum used to sew clothes when I was little and I'm blessed I inherited their talent. You can shop my travel capsule wardrobe on My culture is my badge of honor & my love and I'm blessed that culturally speaking it's at the intersection of Europe, Africa and (South) America. Therefore my capsule wardrobe videos have a strong cultural influence inspired by my travels, ancestors and culture muses. The fashion I love and wear is a vehicle for artivism, cultural pride & vibrant colors. Where do I find colorful clothes? If you want to wear more colors and are frustrated with the lack of colorful fashion options, my channel Joycy is the right place for you. I will share Happy Outfit Ideas & Travel Capsule Wardrobes for your next trip.

Channel Professor Pincushion

Professor Pincushion

Our step by step video tutorials will teach you how to sew.

Channel STITCHLESS TV how to sew your own style tutorials

STITCHLESS TV how to sew your own style tutorials

Sew your own style DIY videos for beginners with Tree from Stitchless TV sewing vlog. Learn to sew with my sewing tutorials for beginners with a difference. Easy step by step instructions to make clothes and accesories. Keep the great British tradition of sewing alive!

Channel TheCraftyGemini


I post weekly DIY video tutorials on things like sewing, quilting, crafting, cooking, baking, organic gardening, canning, nutrition and weight loss every week! I enjoy sharing my life and knowledge with others and I hope you enjoy my channel! Yo tambien tengo videos de costura, quilting, y de recetas en español. Chequea el playlist llamado "Videos en Español" o para mas informacion visita mi canal en español:

Channel Threads


Threads, the best garment-sewing instruction available today No other sewing brand delivers the caliber of garment-sewing instruction provided by Threads: in-depth information, tailored to suit beginners to advanced sewers. Threads inspires creativity and delivers its unique brand of expertise through magazines, books, videos, custom web sites, eletters, and more. It's the go-to resource for fundamentals, insider secrets, and designer techniques for adapting patterns, fitting, tailoring, and embellishment.

Channel ANGELA KANE Sewing TV


Sewing for Beginners, Easy Sewing Patterns - Learn How to Sew and Make Your Own Clothes. Download Easy Sewing Patterns - FREE PATTERNS - Just Register. Shop for individual Sewing Patterns and eBooks. JOIN - It's only £45 for Year One and then just £15 per year there after. Membership includes In-Depth Tutorials, many Classic Sewing Patterns to download as well as several Instructional eBooks. Has to be the cheapest way to Learn to Sew I studied Pattern Cutting and Fashion Design at Croydon College of Art during the 1970s. I had been making my own clothes and knitting since my early teens. I have designed for exclusive boutiques and private clients. I launched my own online boutique in 1995, one of the very first web based fashion businesses!

Channel Beau People

Beau People

Boat People is a blog dedicated to DIY fashion, style and home decor. On youtube here I share my video tutorials of fashion and style DIYs and I hope it will inspire you to be creative and have fun with fashion. Green ideas for the fashionistas!

Channel Bluprint


Welcome to the Bluprint YouTube channel. This is the place where you can really dig into your passions. With creative experts who get what you’re all about and 20+ categories to explore, there’s no limit to what you can learn. Whether you’re an expert quilter or an amateur artist, a just-because baker or a lifelong yogi, you can finally spend time doing more things that make you, well, you. Visit our website for more inspiration via the links in our channel banner image above!

Channel Smarmyclothes


DiY sewing & craft tutorials and music videos for my band The Extreme Unicorns


On our resource we suggest visiting the section "Fabrics, embroidery". It will be of interest to almost every woman. The thing is that our resource contains the most interesting and informative channels on this topic.

Why are we sure that this section will definitely interest you. Here information is collected and presented to you that can be applied by any housewife in everyday life, i.e. it is of an applied nature.

Every mother dreams that her child looks good, neat and fashionable. However, the modern market cannot always meet our needs. In stores, mainly goods are presented that are purchased on the same wholesale markets, and therefore the choice is small.

And this is where our section on can come to your rescue. Our craftsmen will share with you their experience of how you can sew yourself or your child very decent pants or shirt, as well as other wardrobe items. Agree, this is very convenient.

Considering the moment that everything is now very expensive and is mainly imported from abroad, you will save a lot of money. And most importantly, you yourself choose the material, style, and you can also use various techniques that will favorably distinguish your product from the general background. Agree - it's interesting.

On each of your hand-made products, you can also make original embroidery, which is also available in our section "Fabric products, embroidery". After all, embroidery is not necessarily handkerchiefs or pillows. It can be a blouse, a shirt, or a jacket. You must admit that having a beautifully embroidered ornament on a self-cut blouse will look very attractive and original, because there is no such thing anywhere else and no one else.

Our service also has other sections that can teach you the skills of cutting, sewing, embroidery, which will be very useful and irreplaceable in your life. Just go in, learn and practice.