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Channel 628DirtRooster Bees

628DirtRooster Bees

628 Dirt Rooster channel is a beekeeping channel dedicated to learning by doing and having fun in the process. I am a hobby beekeeper and the main subject of this channel is beekeeping but I have many interests and so my channel will have a variety of what I hope will be entertaining and educational videos. Mostly entertaining though. This is also a family friendly channel. There are lots of young eyes and ears taking in the information on YouTube and I am very sensitive to that. The content of this channel is kept clean. My upload schedule is once a week typically. I don't have a set day or time for the uploads so subscribe to get notification of new videos. Direct correspondence through our email or to our mailing address at: 628DirtRooster P.O. Box 3552 Gulfport, MS. 39505

Channel a Canadian Beekeeper’s Blog

a Canadian Beekeeper’s Blog

My name is Ian Steppler, married to Sandy, father of 5. I farm with my family near Miami Manitoba Canada. We are third generation farmers started by my grandfather and carried forward by my parents. Nearly 10 years ago, my 3 brothers, parents and I restructured the farm into a company and have since expanded into a large grain, cattle and Beekeeping operation. We crop 3500 acres of land, calve 5-600 head of pure bred Charolais cattle and manage a 1200-1500 hive apiary. Since I bought my first 4 hives 19 years ago I have dedicated my life passion towards beekeeping. I credit the current standing of my apiary to others on whom I have leaned on over the years to help guide me though many management, logistical and husbandry issues. I am a big believer in paying it forward which motivates me to share my successes and failures with others. Follow my channel to submerse yourself into the world of a Canadian commercial beekeeper life! Subscribe!

Channel Dfishman76


I have set up Dfishman76 to allow people into my life and see how I do beekeeping. As a beekeeper I am trying to help the honey bees thrive in my area. Honey bees and beekeeping are 2 important things we can all do to help the honey bees out. This channel will covering beekeeping, and what ever else I can come up with. Please subscribe to Dfishman76 and stick around so we can all grow together. If you want to contact Dfishman76 (Daryl) you can message me on here or email me at

Channel Flow Hive

Flow Hive

Passionate about beekeeping, bees, honey and beehive design. Bees are such fascinating little creatures and they play such a key role in our lives.

Channel Jeff Horchoff Bees

Jeff Horchoff Bees

Hello, Mr. Ed here. I'm honored that you would consider subscribing to my channel. I keep bees for a Benedictine monastery located in Southeast Louisiana and work in their woodworking shop building caskets.The videos I make primarily highlight the many aspects of bee keeping that I endevor in, but there is also the occasional video on woodworking that relates to bee keeping. Please, join me on my adventures as the bee keeper for the monks.

Channel Khmer beekeeping

Khmer beekeeping

Want to get more information about beekeeping technique? We are passionate about beekeeping and honey bees. We make video to help you learn how to keep the bees, how to make queen rearing, how to harvest honey, how to render beeswax, how to make bee hive (bee box), how to make bee frame, how to harvest royal jelly, how to harvest propolis, how to harvest pollen, how to harvest beeswax and everything about honey bees. Some of our videos show about: the Honey bee products the Homemade health products the Homemade cosmetic products the food insect the animals the Food the culture the people the agriculture If you need more information, please contact us by Facebook or email below.. Facebook: Facebook Page: Email: Phone Number: (+855) 70975048 Twitter: Telegram, WhatsApp, LINE : (+855) 70975048

Channel Barnyard Bees

Barnyard Bees

Beekeeping honey bees at Barnyard bees is very enjoyable. We love teaching beekeeping. Please help our channel grow by subscribing to our beekeeping channel And please click on thumbs up. Visit Barnyard Bees store 215B Market Street Chatsworth Ga. We have everything pertaining to beekeeping .We will have 5 frame Nucs $195. 3 pound Package for $135, and mated Itilian queens for $35 starting in early spring of 2019. These bees are very gentle and productive. Remember not all bees are not created equal. Nucs are make of 3/4 advantech lumber that will last for years. We don't sell bees in cardboard Nucs. $195 in our box, or $175.00 in your box. call our store (706)971-2700 WE STILL HAVE NUCS AVAILABLE . WILL HAVE THEM THROUGH THE FALL. WE DON'T RUN OUT

Channel National Honey Show

National Honey Show

The National Honey Show is the 'gold standard' honey show with international classes, beekeeping lecture convention and workshops. There are almost 250 classes and beekeepers come from all over the world to enter. The first 'National Show of Bees & Honey' was held in 1923 at the original Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London and continues to be held each year in October.

Channel Don The Fat Bee Man

Don The Fat Bee Man

Don "The Fat Bee Man" Kuchenmeister has been keeping bees for over 50 years! His straight forward and no nonsense approach to beekeeping will be effective and save you money, whether you have 2 hives or 2000!! Check out his webpage for info on weekly bee chats, beekeeping classes, supplies or to have Don come to your club meeting.

Channel Little Bits Honey Bees joe may

Little Bits Honey Bees joe may

Honey Bees and Bee Keeping. I sell honey bees I have five frame nucs available from April to Sept. I try to do learning videos for the beginner to the expert. In bee keeping you never stop learning when you think you have them figured out they will show you different. As a commercial bee keep I am in the bees every day I can pick up small things that a hobbyist bee keeper never pick up. I try to pass this knowledge on in my videos. Little Bits Honey Bees is located in south central Indiana (Bloomington) Thank You for watching. Skinny Bee Man

Channel The Norfolk Honey Company

The Norfolk Honey Company

Hi, I'm Stewart at The Norfolk Honey Company in the UK and I'm totally hooked on honeybees and beekeeping. I eat, drink and sleep beekeeping and I'd love to share that passion with you. Our YouTube channel is dedicated to all beekeepers new and old, we've found over the years that there's always something to learn and sometimes you just can't find the right person who is willing to share that knowledge with you. Look no further, every week we will be posting new "How To" video's showing all aspects of beekeeping from the very basics such as how to use a hive tool, extracting honey right up to advanced queen rearing techniques, honey production methods such as the Dyce method, producing cut comb and so much more. I hope that has whetted your appetite enough for now so don't hesitate, click that subscribe button at the top of the page and take a look around. Drop me comments and questions and we'll always get back to you. Stewart

Channel Mike's Beekeeping

Mike's Beekeeping

Information and help on keeping honey bees and making beekeeping fun I love bees and live bees. I teach all aspects of bee keeping here in Scotland. I breed Quality Queens and sell nucs of bees. The more you can learn the better your bees will be and the more you will enjoy keeping bees. check out my websites &


Beekeeping is one of the main hobbies among men after hunting and fishing. It is associated, first of all, with a good mood, fresh air, as well as good profitability.

Beekeeping is a rather complicated hobby. It assumes complete absorption in this occupation, as well as the presence of special skills and knowledge. Without special training, it is very dangerous for health to immediately engage in bees and climb into the hive. Multiple simultaneous bee stings can be fatal.

Beekeeping includes many components. This is theoretical training, including the study of a variety of literature; communication with experts in this field; buying or producing hives; acquisition of a family, selection of a place in the fields and removal of hives.

Many people are involved in beekeeping for its products, which are very beneficial to health. This process can provide you with honey, wax, propolis, bee bread, pollen, pestilence, royal milk, and other ingredients. On their basis, unique ointments, tinctures, and drinks are made.

Selling honey, as well as the aforementioned bee waste products, is a highly profitable business.

Here it is necessary to inform that only bees are the only insects in the world that synthesize such a product as propolis. In terms of chemical composition, this product has no analogues. Bees use it as a strong antiseptic, which prevents harmful bacteria from entering the hive. If a mouse was killed by bees in a hive, they embalm it with propolis, preventing the spread of infections. In ancient Egypt, deceased pharaohs were also mummified with propolis to prevent decomposition.

Royal jelly also has unique properties. It was it, which was adopted by the Japanese government as the main preventive measure for the population, that saved the country from the mass birth of ugly children as a result of the bombing of Japan with atomic ammunition by the United States.

We can talk about the benefits of beekeeping for a very long time, and if you are interested in this issue, visit our service We are sure that you will get a lot of entertaining facts that real professionals in their field will share. And if you have a video blog on the topic of beekeeping, write to us, and we will consider the possibility of including it in our service.