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Motovlogger, Motorcycle Rider, and filmmaker. I'm Chaseontwowheels, and I bring you professional motorcycle videos every week! You can also check out my website for the most up-to-date info on me: Have a product you want featured on the channel? Send business/product info here: Subject: Product Review - Request Email: If you want to send me stuff that I might show on the channel? Send them here: Chaseontwowheels PO Box # 673722 Marietta, Ga 30006 Channel Information: Bikes: -2017 Triumph Daytona 675R -2008 Yamaha WR250x Banner created by: Hershvir Uppal @Hershvir

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DirtBike Lunatic

All content featured on this channel is used with original copyright owners permission. Links to the original video are credited in the description box. Channel is about motorcycles. Everything Related To Moto, Motorcycles, motorbikes, Dirtbikes If you have any questions please send me message on youtube. If you want to see your crash in our compilation, you can contact us.

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Fabinho da Hornet

Este canal tem por finalidade mostrar todos os roles realizados com a minha motocicleta chamada CB600F Hornet.

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Jake TheGardenSnake

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Layza Racing

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Anything about motorcycle circuit racing drag racing touring tips tricks howto's new motorcycles and viral videos

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Bandung cornering lovers Team

Video lucu EMAK GILA EMAIL INSTAGRAM : Bandung cornering lovers : Emak_gila_real

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Xracing Videos

Todo o conteúdo deste canal é utilizado com a autorização de todos os proprietários originais (copyright owners) e devidamente creditados na descrição! Todos os vídeos são de cunho educativo e informativo! Nós ensinamos através dos vídeos, como pilotar de forma mais segura e evitar acidentes! VÍDEOS TODAS AS TERÇAS E QUINTAS às 18:30! Não esqueça de deixar seu LIKE e inscreva-se para assistir aos nossos vídeos quando e onde quiser! Pilote sempre com cuidado!

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Badass Hillclimbers

My name is Michael Hinde and I am 15 years old. Just over a year ago I started Badass Hillclimbers. I used the money that I made from my videos on Youtube to purchase a racecar. Thank you for watching my videos so that I can make money to go racing and hill climbing. Please share and subscribe. Thank you for being part of Team Badass Hillclimbers. Follow us on instagram @badasshillclimbers . Follow us on facebook @ Badass Hillclimbers. check out

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Castrol Biking

A bikers community enabled and facilitated by Castrol Asia Pacific. Tour together, discover new rides, discuss biking tips & keep riding. Castrol bikers endeavors to be the premier community in the Asian region with bikers of varies interests working together to enjoy their rides. It also provides useful tips on bike maintenance and usage of the right lubricants which reduce drag and increase speed in the bikes you ride.

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Mr LightMode

Creator/Owner of LightMode Professionally shot, sometimes silly, motorcycle videos, and LightMode bikelife all wrapped up in one delicious burrito called: The Mr. LightMode YouTube Channel :) Every LightMode kit I sell helps support me and allows me to keep creating new products: Vancouver, BC

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We aim to bring you the best motorbike and biker moments on the web. Featuring unexpected & crazy moto mishaps, close calls, crashes and more! Want to see your video featured in our next RoadRage compilation? Click the link below to send us your clip! *Videos featured in our compilations are used with permission from the original video owners or provided under agreement from our licensing partners.*


Starting, probably, at the age of 12, every boy begins to dream of something more essential than a bicycle. And this object of desire is, of course, a motorcycle. Why a motorcycle? Everything is very simple. The bicycle is already boring, and the car at this age is a luxury. And, of course, freedom and speed. Probably only a motorcycle can give such a feeling of speed.

If before the choice of motorcycles was very limited, today the market is simply overflowing with offers for every taste. It should also be noted that a solid motorcycle is not a cheap pleasure. Sometimes this "toy" is like a good foreign car.

But connoisseurs are ready to pay such sums for the speed and aesthetic pleasure from the shape and grace of a modern motorcycle. You, of course, paid attention to how much the accessories cost: helmet, suit, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, etc. And these attributes are not a tribute to fashion. These things are a guarantee of your safety, considering how fast a modern motorcycle can accelerate.

Also an important aspect of our section "Moto" is a purely technical component. Many cannot afford modern expensive motorcycles, so they buy cheaper ones or assemble them themselves. And in this case, you will need "golden hands", as well as wise and experienced advisers.

The technical aspects are always tricky. They require knowledge and training. An ordinary person without preparation simply cannot fold a motorcycle, assemble an engine, which, among other things, must also start. The engine is a whole science, like other vital systems and assemblies of a motorcycle.

A separate place in the section is occupied by ATVs. They have become very popular lately. Almost everywhere active recreation is offered, you will find this equipment. The ATV is very comfortable, stable and safer. It has increased cross-country ability compared to a conventional motorcycle.

Therefore, if you are a fan of a motorcycle or ATV, then we invite you to visit our resource, where you will see only the most interesting and important information on this topic. Real professionals will share their experience with you. We are sure you will be satisfied.