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Channel David Canterbury

David Canterbury

From the lore of bushcraft to all things related to self-sustainability, the Pathfinder vision is to pass on the knowledge of outdoor self-reliance. Providing basic to advanced self-reliance training and survival gear, our goal is to offer both practical knowledge and survival gear that will stand the test of time. From emergency preparedness to sustainability, the Pathfinder way is to share and educate. Here you can explore the world of survival knives, survival kits and simple tips on outdoor self-reliance. We are always learning and enjoy passing on the knowledge we acquire. There is no substitute for having a plan in the event of the unexpected.

Channel Doug Linker

Doug Linker

On this channel you will find videos on Bushcraft -Carving -homestead - making stuff and whatever else floats my boat at the time

Channel Homemade Wanderlust

Homemade Wanderlust

Hey y'all, Dixie here! This channel began with my journey of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) from Georgia to Maine. Beginning in April 2017 I will be documenting my Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) thru-hike and I may potentially complete the triple crown by completing the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in 2018. In between these backpacking adventures, I will be posting informational videos to help answer questions that any aspiring hiker may have and encourage others to chase their dreams, too! New videos are uploaded every Wednesday, so stay tuned! Happy Trails :)

Channel Joe Robinet

Joe Robinet

Bushcraft, Back Country Camping, Wilderness Canoe Tripping, Backpacking, My Dog, Scout. This channel is mainly bushcraft style camping trips, sometimes I build a natural shelter, sometimes I sleep in a tent, under a tarp, or in the snow. I try to show the realities of being out in the bush, weather it be an overnighter in the woods, or an extended, 10 day fly in canoe/fishing trip. I'll leave in my failures, as well as my accomplishments, in an effort to show you who I really am, just a regular Canadian guy who enjoys spending time outdoors. I'm not a survivalist, and my definition of "bushcraft" may differ from yours. :)

Channel My Self Reliance

My Self Reliance

Log Cabin Building, Woodworking, Bushcraft, Survival Skills, Cooking, Canadian Wilderness exploration, Hunting, Fishing, Off Grid Living in the forest with my golden retriever Cali. Hi, I'm Shawn James. I am a passionate outdoorsman living the life of my dreams in a log cabin that I built by myself in the Canadian wilderness. Join me and my golden retriever, Cali and listen to the sounds of the forest in this relaxing wilderness setting. I prefer to keep my talking to a minimum and let the natural sounds of nature make you feel as though you are there with me. ????New videos EVERY FRIDAY & randomly throughout the week - Please SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any.

Channel Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly

Hi, my name is Lilly! I am a survivalist from Austria and I like to share my experiences with like minded people.

Channel The Wooded Beardsman

The Wooded Beardsman

This channel is about the outdoors. Not just about survival, fishing, hunting, trapping, or even bushcraft, but about the whole process of procuring resources, fish and game, wild edibles, and other materials necessary for sustenance - wilderness living. I do not practice ‘catch and release’ or even ‘sport fishing.’ I do not “harvest.” Rather, I catch and keep, and consume what I catch. However, I do not catch and keep more than I plan to consume. I would much prefer utilizing nature on my own accord than to visit a supermarket and have that be sourced out to others (farmer and butchers). This gives me a much deeper respect for the flesh of animals, ‘meat’, than can be had through its nearest cousin, the sterilized plastic wrap and foam packaged variety sold in supermarket. Come with me to explore, procure, and scavenge in way that feels natural, normal, pragmatic, and practical.

Channel TheOutdoorGearReview


The Outdoor Gear Review has been set up for those who love nature, hiking, backpacking and adventure. Many tune into our channel because they wish to live vicariously through our videos and thats completely understandable. ... A little about myself : As many of you know, my name is Luke and I'm a family man first and an outdoorsman second. While my heart is with my loved ones but my soul (inner Wolf) is out and about with nature. There is nothing like exploring the world that we live in and that fuels my desire see what's around the next corner. I started my channel/site to help others learn, grow, enjoy and appreciate the outdoors and the amazing world we live in. I also started it to leave something behind for my children so that they can enjoy the adventures that I too have enjoyed once I'm too old or passed on. ... Enjoy and thank you for watching. The wolf logo is used with permission from Richard Pini and Elf Quest.

Channel Zed Outdoors

Zed Outdoors

Humble student documenting my journey into Bushcraft and Natural Crafts Postal Address: Zed Shah PO Box 2584 Ilford Essex IG1 8RL United Kingdom

Channel Survival Russia

Survival Russia

Welcome To Survival-Russia. One of the very best Outdoors and Survival related communities on YouTube, and yes, It's a pretty good Channel too :) My name is Lars. I'm From Denmark but I live in Rural Russia now. I live at a Homestead in wild nature surrounded by a huge forest. On The Survival-Russia channel we do all things related to the Outdoors Lifestyle. I share my thoughts and experiences on Survival Techniques for the woodlands of the Northern Hemisphere. the Reality of Survival. I also share Techniques and ways of the Siberian Tribesmen and the Russian Long-hunters of the older days. Things not shown outside of Russia very much. On this Channel we also do Off-Road driving, Vehicle builds, Metal Detecting, all things Outdoors basically. Enjoy!

Channel AlfieAesthetics


Outdoor skills for wilderness survival, bushcraft, hiking and camping.

Channel BC Bushcraft

BC Bushcraft

BC Bushcraft is an outdoor channel dedicated to providing entertaining and educational videos on bushcraft, gear reviews, wilderness survival & living, outdoor adventures, DIY projects, knife making and more. Whether its canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping, simulated survival, hiking, or just plain walking in the woods, I love all activities that have to do with exploring this beautiful world which we live in.

Channel MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life

MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life

Bushcraft, Camping, Outdoors, Wilderness Living Skills, Foraging, Hunting, Fishing, hiking and backpacking.

Channel NorthSurvival


Hi, i´m NorthSurvival and on my channel you will find: - Bushcraft. - Survival. - Shelters. - Craftsmanship. - Outdoor cooking. - Axes and knives. - Hiking.

Channel Primitive Technology

Primitive Technology

Primitive technology is a hobby where you build things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. These are the strict rules: If you want a fire, use a fire stick - An axe, pick up a stone and shape it - A hut, build one from trees, mud, rocks etc. The challenge is seeing how far you can go without utilizing modern technology. I do not live in the wild, but enjoy building shelter, tools, and more, only utilizing natural materials. To find specific videos, visit my playlist tab for building videos focused on pyrotechnology, shelter, weapons, food & agriculture, tools & machines, and weaving & fiber. FAQ Q.Where is this? A.This is in Far North Queensland Australia. Q.Do you live in the wild? A.I don't live in the wild but just go into the bush to make these projects. Also I camp out here occasionally. Q.How did you learn all this? A.Researching books and internet plus trial and error. I'm not indigenous and have no army training. Check out my blog below.

Channel Scrambled O

Scrambled O

This channel is dedicated to capturing my progress learning about how to live a more self-reliant lifestyle. I am currently learning the basics of wilderness self-reliance, also known as bushcraft or just plain old camping. I try my best to enjoy the learning process and to capture it as best I know how. Many topics may be covered during my journey including but not limited to: • homesteading • food preservation • farming • survival • primitive skills • nature • preparedness • self sufficiency • living off the land I hope you will join me on my journey through these experiences from the woods to the workshop.

Channel Zold Outdoors

Zold Outdoors

Hi, my name is Clint Zold. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the wilderness. My great-grandfather began a legacy when he started a lodge in a remote region of Northern Ontario. It was there that my passion for the wild was born. Today, I hope to carry on his legacy of sharing the outdoors with others. Join me as I set out to rediscover the skills, knowledge, and lore of our predecessors and reconnect with our species' original natural environment - the Wilderness! Here you will find practical bushcraft tips, history, and my own adventures and misadventures. Enjoy!


This section appeared on our service for a reason. The fact is that, although we live in an era of rapid development of the latest technologies, this does not mean at all that you cannot have a situation in your life in which you have to rely only on yourself. And, what is saddest, no technology or gadgets will help here.

We are talking about those situations when a person begins to fight for his life in the truest sense of the word. Of course, with many such a situation may not happen in a lifetime, but you must admit that it is better to be prepared for the possibility of such a development of the situation.

In addition, it should be noted that the survival skills that are illustrated on the video channels of our section can be usefully used in everyday life.

Almost every man loves either fishing or hunting, or regularly travels out of town with friends for picnics. So, all these events usually take place far outside the city. And imagine a situation when your car broke down, you didn't take your tent and ended up in the forest at night. What to do, what to do?

So, our section will help you answer the question of how to quickly light a fire in the forest, even in rainy weather, how to quickly build yourself a protection from rain or wind, settle for the night in the forest, find food, etc.

Agree, such skills will never be superfluous. But having studied this problem well, we are sure that you will be in great demand among friends and acquaintances, especially on vacation outside the city. And this is understandable, because lately man has become so distant from nature that he has practically become defenseless in front of her, if he is not equipped with gadgets, special equipment or modern navigation aids.

We are sure that the section "Survival" on our service will be very interesting and instructive for you. Join the professionals, because their knowledge is very valuable and exclusive.