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FIGHTTIPS is your #1 source for MMA tutorials, fighter workouts, and easy-to-follow drills. Whether you're looking for Muay Thai kickboxing combos, BJJ submission tutorials, or boxing footwork drills, our coaches share their years of training and ring-experience to bring you the fight tips first! Founded by Shane Fazen in 2003, his mission is to continue helping fighters of all types -- those dealing with bullies, confidence issues, health problems, and the ones in the ring. REMEMBER: THE ADVICE GIVEN IN THESE VIDEOS SHOULD FIRST BE DISCUSSED WITH AND APPROVED BY YOUR PHYSICIAN. FIGHTING SHOULD ONLY BE DONE IN SELF-DEFENSE & SPORT COMPETITION. ...for the Underdogs.

Channel IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling

Subscribe for the latest IMPACT Wrestling highlights, full matches, classic IMPACT and TNA moments, theme songs and amazing interviews featuring the stars of IMPACT! And while you're at it, subscribe to the Global Wrestling Network for more than 1000 hours of classic and current IMPACT Wrestling matches and events! Begin your 30-day free trial now (only available to new subscribers)

Channel Master Wong

Master Wong

Wing Chun, Tai Chi, JKD Master is the best home learning martial art channel on Youtube. We teach women self defense, kickboxing for fitness, Street fight self defense, Wing Chun kung fu, including the traditional side Wing Chun Kung fu. It doesn’t finish there yet, we also do Tai Chi for health and Combat. Our JKD is an all-rounder for mix martial art and UFC training. We incorporate Health and well -being in our training such as nutrition, fitness, weight loss and any other benefits that can optimise our life. If you’re a serious practitioner, and want to learn from home at your own pace, we have online training courses available that comes with training support to guide you through. These courses are available from our website. If you want to train with Master Wong personally look out for Master Wong workshops and seminars around the U.K as well as around the world. If you want to learn our training system and be a member or part of our instructor team, contact us from our website

Channel UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Watch all Live Pay-Per-Views on YouTube. Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling.

Channel WWE


WWE on YouTube is your number one spot to catch WWE original shows and exclusives! Watch videos from all of your favorite WWE Superstars, backstage fallout from live shows including Raw and SmackDown, and original shows such as Top 10, Game Night, Superstar Ink and much more!

Channel Fight Light

Fight Light

Fight Light is dedicated to provide you Martial Art Tutorials, Tips, Entertainment and a Motivation to Your Career. Also, we upload fitness, workout and stunt videos. Watch and Enjoy! Our Website: Facebook: Are you a skilled martial artist? Then this is your change. Be featured on our channel, and start building up a fast growing fan base now! Contact us via our social media for more information... Note: Do not re-upload or reuse any of the content uploaded on our channel. All visual contents that are owned by Fight Light are specifically noted in the description of the each video.

Channel DK YOO


DK Yoo - Warfare Combat System Movement, meditation, fighting coach. Founder of the WCS Method. Listen to your body, free your mind, master your fight. Contact:

Channel kwonkicker


Kwonkicker's official Youtube channel. Martial Arts tutorials with an emphasis on the striking arts (Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, etc). See videos on: Techniques Fighting Strategy Fitness Flexibility & More

Channel MartialClub


Promoting the virtues and ethics of traditional martial arts in the modern world.

Channel MAT K - Martial Arts

MAT K - Martial Arts

Your Martial Arts Training Motivation Channel! Live Your Dreams & Reach Your Goals Kung Fu Jeet Kune Do (JKD) Wing Chun / Wing Tsun Krav Maga Self Defence Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Training And more... Contact: Kampfsport / Kampfkunst Motivation Deporte de combate / artes marciales motivación Sport de combat / art martial Motivation 武術 / 武术 / 動機 / 动机 翼春功夫 боевые искусства мотивация arti marziali motivazione मार्शल आर्ट प्रेरणा

Channel WhirlwindAction


Whirlwind Action produces low-budget martial arts action films, and is home to the video game inspired series "Slug Street Scrappers." We are one of the original internet stunt crews, having made our first scene all the way back in 2001. Whirlwind Action is owned and operated by youtuber Kwonkicker. Whirlwind Action's Awards & Nominations: - Best Action Choreography x2 - Xristos Award (Best Guerilla Film) x2 - Male Action Performer of the Year - Female Action Performer of the Year x2 - Breakout Female Action Star x2 - Best Action Sequence

Channel Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future

Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future

''Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future'' is a Martial Arts Educational, Entertainment and Motivational Channel. Subscribe us and enjoy! As experienced individuals both in martial arts and in the field of science, we bring you insightful analysis, ideas and suggestions to help you improve your martial arts skills to become warriors one day. Further, we create motivational and entertaining content to keep you exited to train harder everyday. Like us on Facebook: Note: All videos we upload are results of our time and effort. They are highly edited by Widuliya.Com to both make them interesting & to comply with the 'Fair Use' act to the best of our knowledge. However, if you still have issues with our content, we are open to talk with you & take them down if you request. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us via email or social media.


Martial arts mean all sports where opponents strike each other or other active physical pressure in order to unbalance or immobilize.

Martial arts include boxing, kickboxing, all types of karate, fights without rules, all types of wrestling, etc.

Every guy in his youth was engaged in some kind of martial arts. However, according to statistics, only one in a hundred is engaged in this sport for a significant part of his life and achieves high results.

The answer here is very simple. Martial arts training is a very big test, not only physical, but also moral and volitional. In these sports, the training is not just hard, it's just exhausting. All two or one and a half hours you are in motion: you run, squat, do push-ups, train your abs, work out your punches. You can only rest for those few minutes when your sparring partner works out a shock combination. And at the end of the workout, when you can barely stand on your feet, the load may increase and then the choice is yours - try to work out or fall and give up. This is how the will and motivation of a fighter is tempered.

Our service in the "Combat" section has gathered only the best athletes who, as it seemed to us, are the most intelligible and interesting to talk about the skills they have acquired. They share them with beginners. Here we are talking not only about training, strikes and techniques, but also about combat tactics, strength training, and most importantly - psychological training.

If you have never been involved in martial arts and for various reasons do not want to do them, then our athletes will tell you how to avoid, if possible, the occurrence of various conflict situations with particularly cocky passers-by.

If you did not succeed in this and in the evening, returning home, you were met by aggressive strangers in the passage, then experts will tell you how to get away from the collision.

However, remember one and the most important rule - no matter what kind of athlete you are, if a knife is used against you during the conflict, run away immediately. Statistics are stubborn things, and they say that in almost all cases the man with the knife wins. Yes, you can get lucky, but being seriously injured can be very expensive.

Therefore, come to and take a look at our section "Combat", you will have something to watch and listen to.