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BEST TRAINING VIDEO: Conditioning Workouts | MMA Training | Bodybuilding Motivation Videos | Crossfit Training

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Guru Mann Fitness

Guru Mann, world's first fitness professional who has launched 30+ free complete fitness programs with exercise and nutrition videos on the internet including Medical condition programs like: Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer, drug rehab, thyroid, etc 1. 6 Week Shredded - Fat Loss Program 2. Muscle Size 5x5 - SIZE GAIN PROGRAM 3. Ultimate Arms - Biceps & Triceps Work Out 4. Muscular 8 - Fat Loss Program 5. Pure Mass - Muscle Building program 6. GET RIPPED - Fitness Model Program 7. CONTROL DIABETES - (Medical Condition Program) 8. FIT-ZONE - BODY WEIGHT WORKOUT" 9. SHREDDED NEXT LEVEL - Advance Fat Loss Program 10. LEAN MODE - Clean Gain 11. CHOLESTEROL DIET(Medical Condition Program) 12. MASS UP - Mass building 13. Transformation 30 Body weight workout Program 14. GAINER (Pecs & Delts) 15.GET RIPPED Fitness Model Workout .....Total 31 programs launched



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NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY! NO BRO-SCIENCE, NO DRAMA, NO CLICK BAIT, just kick-ass videos geared toward helping you learn how to maximize your workouts and GAINS! Need a CUSTOM MEAL PLAN or program geared toward FAT LOSS, STRENGTH, or MUSCLE GAIN? Then get the guidance you deserve by joining our online community at and be sure to DOWNLOAD THE APP (MuscularStrength - Android & iPhone).



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The videos, presented on the channel, contain information about different body perfection techniques, unique workout routines, and training tips. The project was created to teach individuals around the world how to perform the exercise properly, safely, and efficiently. With the help of our coaching videos, you will be able to work out anywhere and anytime, regardless of your age, location, or salary, because the channel is absolutely free! Therefore, the desire and passion are the only things you need to start training. Street Workout, Calisthenics, Bodyweight Training, Plyometrics, Weight Training, GYM training, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Motivation, Calisthenic Movement

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Jordan Yeoh Fitness


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Baristi Workout - Extreme Calisthenics Professionals are a worldwide active fitness group helping everyone to get fit and in shape, regardless of the equipment available. No excuses! Join the Movement!

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Fraser Wilson

I love to positively impact others through the use of fitness -Instagram: @FraserWilsonFit -Facebook: Let me help you perfect your physique! ONLINE COACHING: Gymshark: Supplements: Code: FRASERFIT

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The Best Channel - Female workout motivation. Please note that we have included links to your social network profiles in our video description. If you would like us to add any additional information, please let us know, and we will do so. Thank you for your understanding.

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P4P intends to promote through its multimedia contents, improvements in the physical condition and the development of a positive and winning state-of-mind, typical of sports environments. "Your challenge is to find the best within yourselves, ours is to help you achieve it!" We are the largest fitness community in the world with more than 2,500,000 users and 21 languages!


Do you have a big belly and thick sides? You have something to be sad about. But when they ask you - why did it happen that you answer? Perhaps there is no time or there is no gym nearby?

If so, then we suggest you just visit our "Workout" section of and make sure you don't need gyms to get fit.

If you do not know what the secret is, then our answer is simple - “Workout”. Workout is a phrase for the dedicated. For those who hear this term for the first time, we explain that Workout means work outside the home. The word work means, of course, training.

That is, the world has long come to the idea that you need to train your body with a weight that does not exceed your body weight. These are the most optimal workouts. To do this, you only need bars, a crossbar, a Swedish wall. Some specialists have reached such a level that they can simply perform exercises even without horizontal bars, just on the floor.

If you think that the effectiveness of such training is low, we invite you to visit our "Workout" section and just look at the form of those guys who blog on YouTube. It seems to us that you, at least, will be surprised. They achieved this result by simple training with their own weight.

If you are intrigued, just check out our heroes' workouts. They have posted everything online and are not hiding anything. Athletes will tell you about the specifics of training, a set of exercises, warm-up, etc.

We think this experience is unique, since you can try it all yourself and in a few months say whether it is true or not.

Just a few months will be sufficient for the first results.

But if you are too lazy to leave even the house, then just start push-ups from the floor. After three months of regular exercise, you will notice that your tummy has shrunk significantly and your chest, arms, and shoulders have become stronger. And already when you put on a T-shirt, your figure does not look so sad. If you want to get a similar result, then we invite you to visit our "Workout" section of the service.