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Channel joanday


Joan Kim | 27 | Korean American living in Seoul. Welcome to my second channel, a space dedicated for vlogs! Hope you enjoy ????

Channel Mikey Chen

Mikey Chen

Hey! It's Mike! This is a channel about my life and all the things I do. So...yea...hmmm...that's all.

Channel Miss Mina

Miss Mina

Hello there! I'm Mina Oh and I make videos on Food & Travel. Whether I'm exploring faraway lands or local digs, I'm on the lookout for tasty bites and cultural festivities. Take my hand and join me on my adventures! Check back every Thursday 12 noon PST for new videos :)

Channel Nicole Andersson

Nicole Andersson


Channel Shu


dejashu is a visual diary of each chapter of my life and celebrates all the things that I love in life: food, travel and those seemingly little moments that end up leaving the deepest memories. for business enquiries or if you fancy a chat, email me:

Channel yourchonny


Hello. Welcome to some high class, low quality content

Channel absentabroad


Hi~ I'm Kaew, born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Absent Abroad is a travel/food vlog of places I have visited. Follow me on Instagram: absent abroad || kaewvirin

Channel Alexander Travelbum

Alexander Travelbum

Travel Vlogger showing you the world in ways you’ve never seen before. Watch Alexander Travelbum for unique Travel Vlogs and join the adventure (Subscribe) so you can travel around the world too. On this channel, you’ll meet locals, see new places, discover interesting foods, and learn more about the world than you did in school. - Travel Vlogs - Travel Hacks - Travel Stories - Inspiration

Channel Ann Lu

Ann Lu

My name is Ann, and this is where I'd like to share a bit of my life with you! I was born in Taipei, but spent the majority of my life in Toronto. I've recently moved out to San Francisco for a fresh start! I hope to document it all, and hopefully you'll join me on my journeys :) Blog & Shop: Instagram:

Channel internationally ME

internationally ME

internationally ME | Angela ☺︎✌︎ Raised in New Zealand, now living in Tokyo, Japan! I created this channel because I want to show people more of the lesser known areas/local Japan and show the less major things that gets washed away on the internet - the main areas are great but sometimes you just want to explore and go off from the normal paths :) アンジェラです!東京在住の日中系ニュージーランド人です。 日本の文化や観光動画を海外に向けて発信中!田舎・下町・穴場の所が特に好きです(*´꒳`*) 英日中どれでもOKなので、手軽にコメントしてね★ Interact and communicate with me more here ↓

Channel Jenny J Zhou

Jenny J Zhou

Jenny Zhou Made in Australia. I'm a radio host, events presenter and wannabe actor Basically a professional chatterbox instagram @jennyjzhou weibo @弄堂里的Jenny imdb

Channel Trina & Pierre

Trina & Pierre

???? We gave up our lives in NYC to become full-time travel vloggers. We'll be visiting 12 countries in 12 months. Why? We believe in postponing nothing; life is too short to have regrets. Join us as we discover the world. More info on us on the blog: We’re Trina & Pierre. American girl meets French guy in Nigeria. Flash forward 6 years later, and we’ve call Lagos, Istanbul, Paris, and New York City our home. We were meant to settle down in the States but somewhere along the line we got caught up in this wonderful idea that we could live anywhere in the world. That we could do what we love, find passion, and secure our futures all at the same time. I can’t tell you if this dream will become a reality, but we are sure as hell going to try. To all you dreamers out there, we’re ready to dream with you and make some great things happen along the way. What camera gear do we use?