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Beauty is a relative concept. Today we will talk about the beauty of women. It is women who spend a significant part of their free time looking good. This is very important and correct.

For example, what is the concept of the beauty of African women. In many tribes of Africa, the beautiful one, which is the fullest, or, for example, has the most drawn ears or lips, the longest neck. For a European woman, this is nonsense. Therefore, much in the perception of beauty depends on the environment, upbringing, attitudes.

It would be correct to say that beauty is the ability to be yourself. After all, there can be no external beauty without internal beauty.

Of course, it is very important to look after yourself. What does it mean? This means adhering to generally accepted standards: clothing, hair, neatness, smell, skin, manners and behavior.

For some reason, it was recently that other trends began to prevail. Public opinion about female beauty is beginning to transform. For example, unwashed hair, untidy clothes, vulgarity are considered the norm. But the opposite lends itself to criticism. Also, many European women, especially middle-aged women, categorically refuse to use cosmetics. In our opinion, this is completely absurd.

Briefly about cosmetics. Her main task is not to make a beautiful woman out of an ugly woman. Although in the hands of a professional makeup artist, this is also possible. The task of cosmetics is to emphasize and highlight the visual advantages and features of the female face. For example, make your lips or eyes more expressive, change their shape or size. Again, cosmetics must be used competently and according to the situation, because too much cosmetics can lead to the opposite effect.

The use of creams is also very important. This is simply necessary for a woman due to biological characteristics. Many women have dry skin and moisturizers are essential to avoid early wrinkles. The same situation applies to problem skin.

We are not eternal. And time takes its toll. However, the correct application of creams (day, night) simply postpones the time. And sometimes women who regularly and correctly use cosmetics and take care of their skin are simply lost in time. They look so good that few can tell for sure about their age.

An English proverb says: "A woman is as old as she looks, and a man is as he feels." That seems to say it all.

Women, be beautiful! After all, this is one of the main social functions in our society to maintain harmony.