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SweetHearts Hair

Welcome to SweetHearts Hair's YouTube Page. Here is every tutorial I've created! hope you find them useful :)

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DIY Everyday

Welcome everyone! DIY Everyday is your beauty academy, one day - one tutorial. Here you can find MAKEUP, HAIR, NAILS & DIY tutorials and art videos. I hope all this videos will help you to raise everyday make up to the next level and will get you inspired as well!

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HairStyle Trick

Everything about Hairstyle tricks....

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Sam Villa Hair Tutorials

Subscribe to receive the best hair tutorials that are easy to understand & recreate. If you're a salon professional interested in learning how to cut hair, then watch our quick hair cutting tips & techniques videos to stay on top of the latest trends. Whether you want to learn how to layer hair, how to remove weight from hair, how to cut hair with a razor, how to cut bangs, or how to remove split ends from hair...we have videos that cover all of these areas and much more. We also love braiding hair, teaching updo's and showing how to curl your hair. Learn how to braid hair – from simple 3 strand braiding techniques to 4 strand braids, fishtail braids, waterfall braids, pull through braids and more. Our up styling videos cover French twists, top knots, messy buns, victory rolls and more. And be sure to learn the different ways to curl your hair using a curling iron or straightening iron.

Channel Cute Girls Hairstyles

Cute Girls Hairstyles

A teacher of all hair tutorials, including braids, past, present, and future! Enjoy 5-minute hairstyles that are cute and easy to do. Whether you are looking for Waterfall Braids, French Braids, Fishtail Braids, plaits, twists, updos or something with a little edge... you can find it all here! {We even have Daddy Do's!} As seen on ABCNews' 20/20, TODAY, Katie, Good Morning America, and the Anderson Live daytime talk show.

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Guy Tang

I am Guy Tang and welcome to my channel filled with Hair transformation education, World Tour docu-series and my music journey as an artist. Together we can change the world for the better and make a difference by empowering our HairBesties community.

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Jackie Wyers

Hello! I’m Jackie Wyers & Welcome To My Channel! Here you’ll find creative beauty tutorials inspired by pop culture. I’m inspired by TV & Film, Music Videos & Red Carpet looks through the decades; hit subscribe button for a variety of vintage & modern makeup & hair tutorials every week! On my channel it’s not just about "looking" your best. It’s about feeling confident, getting inspired and experimenting with your look while staying true to who you are. I also love singing, making art & creating travel vlogs - get to know me better on my second channel: JackieVlogs Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat: jackiewyers xo For business inquiries, please email

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Jasmine Brown

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Kayley Melissa

Hairstyles for every day! I love hair and I want everyone else to love their hair too. Come by for some quick tutorials, character recreations, and just general lifestyle and beauty!

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Make-Up & Hair Tutorials

Welcome to Make-Up & Hair Tutorials Channel! Here you can find many interesting and unique videos relating to hairstyles/ hair tutorials. We share new videos everyday :)

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Hi, and welcome to my channel! I am a Beauty Addict and love to create how-to beauty tutorials for short hair and hairstyles, makeup, and lifestyle in general. For instance, I have video for various braids ( dutch braids, french braids, faux braids...), updos, hair bunds, creative hairstyles, hacks, tricks, tips and how to videos. I try to make my videos informative, creative and most importantly entertaining. Sometimes it may be dry humor. I warned you. I love interacting with my viewers. Let's get to know each other. Love, Milabu || New Upload Every Sunday and Wednesday, (sometimes)Friday ||

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Slikhaar TV - Mens hair

Mens hair tutorials. Latest trends, from Undercuts, to platinum blond hairstyles. Our goal is to inspire the modern man to express himself through style & perfect hair. We simply want you to look your best every day. All hairdressers featured on Slikhaar TV are well educated and all products used on the channel are professional haircare products.

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Beautiful Hairstyles is a channel for hairstyle tutorials. Here we share videos of beautiful easy hairstyles, simple hairstyles, quick hairstyles, party hairstyles, five minute hairstyles Hairstyles for medium hair, hairstyles for long hair, party hairstyles, festive hairstyles, everyday hairstyles, most beautiful hairstyles, easy hairstyles, hairstyles for women, newest hairstyles, best hairstyles, back to school hairstyles,daily routine hairstyles, quick hairstyles, trendy hairstyles, celebrity hairstyles, hairstyles compilation 2017, cute girls hairstyles,hairstyles for girls, side braid hairstyles and other hairstyling tips for an elegant look. Subscribe to my channel beautiful hairstyles to keep an eye on new published videos on hairstyles. The styles we share are all latest and trendy in fashion.

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Luxy Hair

We love hair! So we create easy and cute everyday hairstyles and also glamorous hair tutorials inspired by celebrities. Braids, buns, updos, waves, curls and any other hairstyle can be found on Luxy Hair, as well as hair advice and much more!

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Fancy Hair

Hi! I'm Niki - I have an obsession with hair (in case you couldn't already tell). Creating fun and useful hair videos is my jam. I'm also the CEO & founder of Fancy Hair ( and Fancy Fringe ( and love showing the world how I use them IRL. To shop Fancy Hair extensions: To shop Fancy Fringe: Where else you can find me: My 2nd Channel: Business inquiries: Facebook: Instagram: @fancyhairandco Personal Instagram: @nikiskyyy

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Hairstyles Tutorial

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MakeupWearables Hairstyles

Featuring quick videos focused on Easy hairstyles and fashion. FInd me on Instatagram at .

Channel TheChicNatural


I'm just a girl who loves fashion, beauty & fun!


Hairstyle. The most difficult question for any girl. A lot of time is devoted to this topic every day. It is by the hairstyle, among other things, that the first opinion about a person, his character, and also preferences is formed. These are not idle words.

In any case, those women who devote a lot of time to this issue are doing absolutely the right thing. Any hairstyle can bring youth or age, make your style more businesslike or feminine.

Much depends on the master who works with your hair and his experience. You, of course, know that you can sign up for one specialist for a graying day, and for another, an appointment is formed a month in advance. Why is it so important. Yes, all because hair can charm, fall in love, make you admire, or it can repel. The thing is that a real master intuitively guesses your optimal style, even if he does not agree with you in the concept. He knows better, because for his professional activities a lot of people have passed through his hands - all of them, which is not unimportant, were satisfied. Thus, we advise you to go not only to proven masters, but also to listen to their opinion.

Hairstyle can affect not only your career but also your personal life. After all, a hairstyle is a style. And a person exists within the framework of psychological laws and therefore, even intuitively, begins to adapt to him. If you work in an office and have a strict hairstyle, you start adjusting to it without even noticing it. Everything is simple here - this is psychology. You see yourself in front of the mirror - in a strict suit, glasses, with neatly styled hair. As a result, your voice becomes more stern and imperious, and your gestures become sharper.

You have probably seen in your life stories that a woman at work is very strict and businesslike, and at home or in her company - femininity itself. It's simple. Pay attention to these people. At work, their hair is almost always rigidly styled or, if long, pulled up or pinned up. But at home, on vacation or a romantic meeting - the hair is loose.

It is in such nuances that the mysterious influence of hairstyles on the perception of people and the formation of the first impression of you lies. The styling of your hair will depend on what you want to convey to your interlocutor. At first glance, this seems like complete nonsense. But when you remember your behavior in such situations and are frank, then you will agree with us. After all, this is not our desire - this is psychology, or rather, more subconscious behavior, which is no longer determined by us.

If you want to better understand this issue, then go to the "hairstyles" section and choose the video channel you like. And our service will make it easier for you to study this issue.