About the project

Objective of the project

Our project has been created specifically for you. We are the creators of the project, as well as you are active users of YouTube. We have our favorite channels and bloggers. However, you must admit that although YouTube is a universal platform, there are still flaws in it.

For example, if you are interested in a certain topic, it is difficult to find out about channels that go on related topics.

To do this, you need to spend time and not the fact that you will find what you were looking for. We have had occasions when, only after a considerable time, we came across interesting channels on similar topics, and that - by chance.

It was the field of this that we decided to make the project - In other words, it can be called - ONLY THE BEST.

How the project works

The project is divided into several global sections, in which there are several subsections. This, of course, is associated with a huge number of topics that viewers may be interested in, including, depending on gender.

It is also obvious that many topics are of interest not only to men or women, but also to pensioners and teenagers. Therefore, the very configuration and structuring of topics, we think, will change.

In each section, you will find several YouTube channels that, in our opinion, will or may be interesting. Our approach, of course, is subjective. We proceeded from the content, the number of subscribers on the channels, as well as the regularity of the video release.

Adding New Channels

On the issue of the appearance of new channels on the project, we are open to dialogue, for which you need to use our registration form, register and send us a reasoned letter regarding the addition of a channel or section with new channels. We will consider your offer as soon as possible.

As letters and proposals arrive, we may create a voting mechanism, where exactly you, our regular visitors, will determine by voting how to upload a channel to a resource. To this end, over time, we will create a chat.

For kids

If you have children, then we created a special option - For kids. By clicking this section, you will be transferred to a new resource that your kids will really like. There are many cartoons of different periods, as well as only TOP bloggers who work for children. The video on the project is NON-STOP.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that we carefully monitor the observance of all the rights of bloggers, so any copyright violation is simply excluded.

Visit our resource, spend your free time with us, and we are confident that together we will create a new unique social resource that will be interesting and informative.