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Yard Robbing, Time to Shift Our Work Into Robbing Mode - July 25 2021

27-07-2021 -- 11:49
Yard Robbing, Time to Shift Our Work Into Robbing Mode - July 25 2021
27-07-2021 -- 11:49
Honey House Morning Start Up, Unedited
25-07-2021 -- 14:49
Back into a Flow - July 23, 2021
25-07-2021 -- 04:51
First Sign of Robbing! - July 21, 2021
24-07-2021 -- 05:22
Heavy Smoke and Cranky Bees, All of Western Canada is on Fire - July 20, 2021
23-07-2021 -- 03:33
I'm not done complaining yet - July 16 2021
19-07-2021 -- 21:37
15-07-2021 -- 06:16
Status of Nectar Flow
14-07-2021 -- 06:23
What is Going on With the Bees Today
13-07-2021 -- 06:23
The Start of the Honey Pull - July 10, 2021
11-07-2021 -- 14:25
Boom to Bust, I fear the Nectar Flow Has Ended… drought
10-07-2021 -- 03:26
Preserving Pollinators by Focusing Around the Edges, Small Efforts, Big Outcomes
09-07-2021 -- 14:39
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My name is Ian Steppler, married to Sandy, father of 5. I farm with my family near Miami Manitoba Canada. We are third generation farmers started by my grandfather and carried forward by my parents. Nearly 10 years ago, my 3 brothers, parents and I restructured the farm into a company and have since expanded into a large grain, cattle and Beekeeping operation. We crop 3500 acres of land, calve 5-600 head of pure bred Charolais cattle and manage a 1200-1500 hive apiary. Since I bought my first 4 hives 19 years ago I have dedicated my life passion towards beekeeping. I credit the current standing of my apiary to others on whom I have leaned on over the years to help guide me though many management, logistical and husbandry issues. I am a big believer in paying it forward which motivates me to share my successes and failures with others. Follow my channel to submerse yourself into the world of a Canadian commercial beekeeper life! Subscribe!