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Adam Savage Meets Original Star Wars Props!

21-06-2021 -- 17:00
Adam Savage Meets Original Star Wars Props!
21-06-2021 -- 17:00
Adam Savage and the Original Indiana Jones Fedora!
19-06-2021 -- 17:00
Ask Adam Savage: MythBusters Celebrity Guests That (Sadly) Never Happened
18-06-2021 -- 17:00
The Variant Episode - This is Only a Test 604 - 6/18/21
18-06-2021 -- 10:18
How to Make Custom LED Lights for IKEA Display Cabinets!
17-06-2021 -- 17:00
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Excalibur Henchmen Armor!
16-06-2021 -- 17:00
Adam Savage's Guide to Workshop Hammers!
15-06-2021 -- 17:00
Kayte's Miniature Models from 'Real Steel'!
14-06-2021 -- 17:00
Let's Build: Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Model Kit (Part 4)
13-06-2021 -- 08:06
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: MacReady's Hat from The Thing!
12-06-2021 -- 17:00
Ask Adam Savage: Favorite Object Built on MythBusters
11-06-2021 -- 17:00
How Holographic Doom Works on a Lightfield Display!
10-06-2021 -- 17:00
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Host of Discovery Channel's long-running series MythBusters, Adam Savage has spent his life making things. From a cardboard suit of Excalibur armor when he was 13 to a REAL suit of Excalibur armor (with Terry English) when he was 50, Adam has built just about everything you can think of, including (but not limited to): Star Wars spaceships, Totoro costumes, NERF mods and movie prop replicas. In fact, over his career as an industrial and special effects designer/fabricator, actor, educator and television personality, there isn’t much Adam Savage has not done. Subscribe to Tested to see what Adam and his team will tackle next! Tested is also: Norman Chan, Simone Giertz, Joey Fameli, Gunther Kirsch, Ryan Kiser, Kishore Hari, Sean Charlesworth, Jeremy Williams, Kayte Sabicer, Bill Doran, Arial Waldman, Darrell Maloney and Kristen Lomasney.