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Caillou Calls Mr. Hinkle "Grandpa" and gets Grounded (2014 Video)

04-12-2020 -- 09:00
Caillou Calls Mr. Hinkle "Grandpa" and gets Grounded (2014 Video)
04-12-2020 -- 09:00
Speed Racer in GoAnimate Version (RE-UPLOAD, Read Desc.)
04-12-2020 -- 07:34
04-12-2020 -- 06:36
Caillou Disrespects Mr. Hinkle’s Funeral/Grounded (2015 Video)
03-12-2020 -- 22:11
Caillou Ditches the Wedding and Gets Grounded (2015 Video)
03-12-2020 -- 21:38
Preston Misbehaves at McDonald's
02-12-2020 -- 18:12
Caillou Goes to Summer Camp (2015 Video)
02-12-2020 -- 07:09
So This Is Christmas (2014 Video)
02-12-2020 -- 00:54
Caillou Gets Grounded on Christmas Day (2014 Video)
01-12-2020 -- 10:36
My Caillou Gets Grounded Opening Theme Intro (2014 Video)
01-12-2020 -- 00:45
Preston Plays Loud Music at 3 AM/Grounded
29-11-2020 -- 23:09
Preston Does the 24-Hour Challenge on Black Friday While Grounded
27-11-2020 -- 22:00
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Hey guys! It’s me African Vulture wanting to inform you of the update of my channel since it was demonetized for duplication or reused content that was vaguely explained, ever since June 13, 2018. I have tried to solve my problems by deleting videos, but unfortunately my channel is still demonetized for the same Reason. Its because of privacy policy, youtube won’t tell me exactly what I did wrong in my videos. I have no idea what I did wrong in my videos that violate their community guidelines of “reused content.” But fortunately, even though I am demonetized for a vague reason such as “reused content,” I have decided not to give up and I am continuing on staying on in the GoAnimate Community. If you want to help support my channel, please subscribe to my channel, like my videos, and leave a comment in my community section or in my videos.