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Prototyping with Applied Science: Design and build a bite sensor

18-01-2021 -- 02:19
Prototyping with Applied Science: Design and build a bite sensor
18-01-2021 -- 02:19
Etching silicon wafers to make colorful Rugate optical filters (porous silicon)
16-11-2020 -- 07:49
Shooting an electron beam through air
21-09-2020 -- 06:16
Ultrasonic soldering bonds glass, titanium, stainless steel, ceramics, tungsten, nichrome...
09-09-2020 -- 05:24
Demo and teardown of an X-ray fluorescence gun (measures chemical composition)
31-08-2020 -- 07:03
Giant glass diffusion pump and cathode ray tube demo
19-07-2020 -- 23:30
Holograms on chocolate
26-05-2020 -- 02:31
Hypercentric optics: A camera lens that can see behind objects
29-04-2020 -- 05:05
Alpha radiation makes sparks, detects smoke, and eliminates static cling
06-04-2020 -- 06:29
Antique 4x5 camera creates 20 micron photolithography masks: Super tiny tax form
25-03-2020 -- 07:58
Electron microscope animation: Carbon nanotubes pulled into thread
23-02-2020 -- 01:20
Details in the process of making "blacker than vantablack" coatings (part 1?)
21-01-2020 -- 11:22
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