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Join me! ~ Valley Craft Network Studio Tour 2020 November 21-22, 2020

16-11-2020 -- 02:42
Join me! ~ Valley Craft Network Studio Tour 2020 November 21-22, 2020
16-11-2020 -- 02:42
How to make clay hump molds from found forms..
08-07-2020 -- 23:13
Making multiple pots...finding your rhythm.
23-05-2020 -- 23:27
How to make a deep slab bowl using a hump mold...step by step.
09-04-2020 -- 04:30
How to make a large textured slab platter.
08-10-2019 -- 16:18
How to flute cups and bowls.
08-07-2019 -- 23:41
How to trim mugs...skimming mugs.
03-07-2019 -- 02:21
How to make a mug rounder!
26-04-2018 -- 01:28
How to make saki cups!
17-09-2017 -- 19:21
How to use 10 simple wooden tools for forming and finishing your pots!
13-09-2017 -- 03:32
Best potters apron on the market!!
14-06-2017 -- 00:15
How I apply wax resist decoration to pots. Background music compliments of Ozzie dog!
06-05-2017 -- 17:58
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