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Leathercraft Hack

02-04-2021 -- 16:58
Leathercraft Hack
02-04-2021 -- 16:58
Making Leather Knife Sheath Ideas for 944 J. A. Henckels Outdoor Knife
18-03-2021 -- 21:50
Saddle Making | Hand Sewing Heavy Saddle Leather With Two Harness Needles And Ritza 25 Thread
15-03-2021 -- 00:18
Sewing Two Layers Of Leather On A Sewing Machine - Leatherworking Video
14-03-2021 -- 00:39
Leather Working Tip Of The Day How To Cut A Stitch Groove - Leatherworking Shorts Video
13-03-2021 -- 23:47
Leather Tooling Carving Tip Of The Day- Leather Working Shorts
12-03-2021 -- 15:01
Leather Tooling Design - Leather Working Shorts
10-03-2021 -- 15:04
Cutting Stitch Groove Into Leather Preparation For Sewing On The Machine | Leather Working Shorts
09-03-2021 -- 22:30
Doming Tool | Hand Riveting Leather How To Set Copper Rivets | Leather Working Shorts
09-03-2021 -- 15:22
Hand Riveting Leather How To Set Copper Rivets | Leather Working Shorts
08-03-2021 -- 18:06
DIY Silversmithing Shorts Part 4
07-03-2021 -- 00:20
DIY Silversmithing Shorts Part 3
06-03-2021 -- 23:27
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Leather craft vlog leather working tutorials How to work leather, DIY leather, Saddle making videos YouTube, leather craft ideas. Bit and spur making metal working by Bruce Cheaney leathercraft blogs forums. I started out working in my Mom and Dad's saddle shop and western store here in Gainesville Texas sometime in the early 1960's. At first I did saddle repair and made western name belts and wallets. Saddle making dates back to the year 1850 in my family tree. Along the way I picked up metal working and silver smithing to add to my resume. Thanks for stopping by my YouTube Channel and you are welcome to subscribe and comment on my videos.