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Big Country Stag Hunt

27-07-2021 -- 10:00
Big Country Stag Hunt
27-07-2021 -- 10:00
TWO DOGS TAKE DOWN TUSKY BOAR!!! Shot with the gun in one hand and camera in the other
20-07-2021 -- 09:00
DUCK HUNTING ON SMALL WATER-a successful hunt!
13-07-2021 -- 09:01
BIG SNAPPER AND KINGFISH IN ONE DAY-Can’t believe we got two this big!!
06-07-2021 -- 09:00
DUCK HUNT ON THE RIVER-Evening shoot delivers!
29-06-2021 -- 09:00
DOGS CATCH BOAR IN BIG HOLE!!! We couldn’t hear it until we got close.
22-06-2021 -- 09:00
ROARING NZ MOUNTAIN STAGS! We found the big one we were after and called him in.
15-06-2021 -- 09:00
Winter series 2021 promo clip
14-06-2021 -- 11:11
Pete’s special cray catching technique
11-12-2020 -- 08:36
10-12-2020 -- 02:53
Big kingfish on the coast
19-11-2020 -- 09:00
Wild Boar Charges Hunters
11-11-2020 -- 09:05
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Welcome to Clarke Boys Hunting NZ, big game hunting channel. Follow us for quality footage of Sam, Noah, Harry and their dogs hunting the best of New Zealand's big game animals. Whether you want to see dogs grabbing massive wild boars with gnarly tusks or the boys roaring in angry stags and shooting them at close range, there's even some south island videos of Tahr and Chamois being shot in some spectacular scenery. So come along for the ride with the Clarke boys and some good value mates for a real adrenalin rush.