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Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). Part 7: Memory Address Mapping

18-11-2020 -- 08:53
Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). Part 7: Memory Address Mapping
18-11-2020 -- 08:53
Binary 7 – Floating Point Binary Addition
10-11-2020 -- 08:01
Computational Thinking
03-11-2020 -- 19:41
Fundamental Concepts of Object Oriented Programming
01-11-2020 -- 15:35
Object Oriented Programming 9 –Polymorphism
30-10-2020 -- 21:39
Computer Science
27-10-2020 -- 14:24
Computer Science
23-10-2020 -- 19:29
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
22-10-2020 -- 17:00
Computational Thinking
20-10-2020 -- 15:46
9. HTML, CSS and JavaScript: Style Selectors and External Style Sheets
01-08-2020 -- 20:41
5. JavaScript Programming: Server Side Form Hander
22-07-2020 -- 22:08
4. JavaScript Programming: GET and POST Methods
22-07-2020 -- 21:38
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This channel covers various concepts from the field of computer science including processor and computer architecture, the functions of operating systems, databases, networking and web technology, logic gates and Boolean algebra, and of course programming concepts. Dynamic, abstract, data structures such as stacks, queues, linked lists, trees and graphs are described, including algorithms for manipulating these. Sorting and searching algorithms such as the merge sort and the quicksort are also described in detail, including animated descriptions, pseudocode and implementation code. This also includes programming techniques such as recursion and the object oriented programming paradigm. Programming with Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) features particularly. This content is targeted particularly at A level students, but includes material which is also suitable for younger and older students.