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Killed It! $665K Deal From Bimini While the Girls Took The Helm in Miami! | CRM Life #12

18-06-2021 -- 19:00
Killed It! $665K Deal From Bimini While the Girls Took The Helm in Miami! | CRM Life #12
18-06-2021 -- 19:00
We Bought the Most Impressive $1 Million Yacht | CRM Life #11
11-06-2021 -- 21:00
1986 Rolex "Kermit" Gets Most Impressive Service - Watchmaking Magic!
08-06-2021 -- 20:52
Luxury Watches and Strong Rum DON'T Mix...Or Do They? | CRM Life #10
04-06-2021 -- 23:15
Added 10 INSANE Pieces to Our Collection & Sold Craziest $450K Watch Ever! | CRM Life #9
29-05-2021 -- 00:15
Setting Diamonds on Most Stunning 2.1 Carat Eternity Ring
27-05-2021 -- 00:00
Most Insane $450,000 Watch from Audemars Piguet Is So Fragile It's Scary!
25-05-2021 -- 00:00
Can a Casted Eternity Ring Look Handmade? Impressive Polishing Transformation Under 64X Microscope
24-05-2021 -- 19:02
Market Crash...Call the Cops! | CRM Life #8
21-05-2021 -- 21:30
Matching Top 3 Luxury Watches & Fragrances - Jeremy & Charlie Go at It!
19-05-2021 -- 19:00
Carlos Gets Sick $120K Ride & Betty Steals the Show! | CRM Life #7
15-05-2021 -- 01:59
INVENTORY CHECK: $5 Million of the Finest Watches in 10 Minutes!
12-05-2021 -- 21:05
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