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Cutest Anniversary Gift Idea for boyfriend | Romantic Explosion Box by Giulia's Art

10-11-2020 -- 13:00
Cutest Anniversary Gift Idea for boyfriend | Romantic Explosion Box by Giulia's Art
10-11-2020 -- 13:00
Birthday GIFT for him / her ???? Learn how to make this or get it on Etsy!
18-07-2020 -- 20:00
Anniversary Gift ???? | Explosion Box - The GIFT They'll NEVER Forget ❤❣❤
29-06-2020 -- 19:08
How to make Beautiful Greeting Cards with Paper #MadeWithFilmora
24-06-2020 -- 16:28
How to make Candy Box | Paper Crafts by Giulia's Art
30-04-2020 -- 07:00
29-04-2020 -- 07:00
How to make a Quilling Candle Holder | Paper Crafting with Giulia's Art
24-04-2020 -- 19:06
How to make Wedding favors at home ???? | Paper bag by Giulia's Art
04-04-2020 -- 13:40
Gift Idea | Memory Explosion Box ❤
01-04-2020 -- 18:29
How to make a Pull Out Photo Box at home | Gift Idea by Giulia's Art
25-03-2020 -- 00:36
How to make Photo Album easily at Home | Magic Gift Box
20-03-2020 -- 14:00
How to make a Photo Album Box in Cricut Maker - DIY Magic Gift Box (Part1)
13-03-2020 -- 14:00
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