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How to Pass Part 8 of the Canine Good Citizen Test

30-05-2015 -- 01:41
How to Pass Part 8 of the Canine Good Citizen Test
30-05-2015 -- 01:41
How to Give Your Dog A Pill The Quick And Easy Way
27-05-2015 -- 23:06
How to Pass Part Four of the Canine Good Citizen Test: Heeling Politely on a Loose Lead
27-05-2015 -- 23:06
How to Make Sure Your Puppy Never Becomes Aggressive
27-05-2015 -- 23:04
How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Grass
27-05-2015 -- 23:03
How to Stop Puppy Biting
27-05-2015 -- 21:15
How to Pass Part One of the Canine Good Citizen Test: Allowing a Friendly Stranger to Approach
27-05-2015 -- 21:14
How to Train a Dog to Pee and Poop on Command
27-05-2015 -- 20:51
How to Stop a Dog From Digging Using the M.U.T.T. Method
27-05-2015 -- 20:49
How to Teach a Dog to Shake
27-05-2015 -- 20:49
How to Train a Dog With Canine ADHD
27-05-2015 -- 20:48
How to Train a Jack Russell Terrier
27-05-2015 -- 20:46
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