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BAB BERDARAH, Coccidiosis

01-11-2020 -- 14:00
BAB BERDARAH, Coccidiosis
01-11-2020 -- 14:00
20-06-2020 -- 06:23
NEWCASTLE DISEASE, ND, nomor 1 viral disease in chicken
23-05-2020 -- 00:42
Symptoms of Bird Flu in Chicken. Avian Influenza signs. Poultry farm.
11-05-2019 -- 11:02
Bird Flu Signs in chicken, virus H5 infection & Biosecurity Problem in poultry farm
10-03-2019 -- 14:30
How to Treat Gumboro? In poultry farm
17-02-2019 -- 10:16
Lihat KUTU AYAM di bawah Mikroskop
14-02-2019 -- 03:03
Bird Mites in Chickens under Microscope (in Bahasa)
19-01-2019 -- 16:22
Field Vet: Gumboro Disease Clinical Symptoms in Chickens (in bahasa)
13-01-2019 -- 07:04
Hepatitis in Broiler Chicken, Clinical Signs, Poultry Farming
20-06-2018 -- 10:23
Malaria in Chickens Clinical signs, Leucocytozoonosis in poultry, Avian Malaria
28-04-2018 -- 17:35
Inside BIG Egg, Egg Inside Egg, Giant Chicken Egg, chicken farming
31-03-2018 -- 01:31
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Field Vet channel is about poultry disease, chicken farming & poultry farming, chicken coop design & modern housing technology, free range chicken farming, Battery Cage System, Chicks Hatchery, Poultry Feed, etc. This is an additional knowledge for the poultry farmers, especially for students (colleges) of veterinary medicine, vet tech, vet assistant, veterinarian, poultry science enthusiasts. In the veterinary schools, veterinary students get a lot of theoretical knowledge, but in this channel, they will get practical information and filed data that occurs in the field as additional knowledge, field case studies, discussion or research materials. Knowledge not only from the schools, textbooks and experiment labs. The filed or farms is also real school for veterinary students or veterinarian.