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Spreading Lesley’s Ashes

07-06-2021 -- 16:51
Spreading Lesley’s Ashes
07-06-2021 -- 16:51
Lesley’s Memorial
17-04-2021 -- 06:38
Lesley's Legacy (and the Future of Fightmaster Yoga)
15-03-2021 -- 13:00
Hatha Yoga For Gratitude - Remembering Lesley Fightmaster
22-11-2020 -- 14:15
20-Min Yoga Stretch - Full Body Yoga Flow
16-11-2020 -- 14:15
Total Body Yoga Sculpt | Toning Workout Burn
09-11-2020 -- 14:15
Hatha Yoga For Stress And Anxiety (45-min Flow)
02-11-2020 -- 14:15
Yoga For Energy | Better Than Coffee!
26-10-2020 -- 13:15
Yoga Body Total Workout (Get The Led Out!)
18-10-2020 -- 14:15
Hatha Yoga Slow Flow
12-10-2020 -- 14:15
45 Minute Hatha Yoga to Magically Feel Your Best (Be Joyful)
25-01-2020 -- 07:00
Morning Yoga at the Beach (Celebrate Your Wins!)
24-01-2020 -- 07:00
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Welcome to the Fightmaster Yoga channel! Yoga videos to make you feel better. Life is hard. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, overweight and either depressed or stressed out. I've been there. My name is Lesley Fightmaster. I am a yoga teacher trainer. I have taught thousands of classes. I've seen amazing transformations in people just like you. New to yoga? Try my 30 day yoga for beginners and beginners yoga playlists. For a yoga workout try my hatha yoga happiness program or yogafix90. Also find yoga for weight loss, total body yoga, vinyasa yoga, and Ashtanga classes. Each class is a full body yoga stretch. You might also enjoy my detox yoga, energizing yoga, morning yoga or yin yoga for deep stretching. If you practice even 10 minutes a day I guarantee you will feel better. Subscribe to this channel because yogi's around the world have changed their lives for the better and you can too. Go ahead, take a free yoga class now!