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HARI ACTIVE.PLAY Foldable Shower & Window Perch

21-12-2020 -- 21:08
HARI ACTIVE.PLAY Foldable Shower & Window Perch
21-12-2020 -- 21:08
Holiday Safety Tips for Your Birds
23-12-2019 -- 19:49
Mark Hagen with Rosemary Low - Brazil 2019
20-12-2019 -- 17:15
Josee Bermingham & Tony Silva discuss Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula
05-02-2019 -- 17:04
Tony Silva Reviewing HARI Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula
03-01-2019 -- 14:54
Mark Hagen Presents "Nutrition of Seeds vs Pellets" at Parrots 2018
09-07-2018 -- 21:13
How to deal with that Hormonal Bird
20-03-2018 -- 19:45
Notas de campo HARI: Los loros y el ejercicio
19-10-2017 -- 19:02
HARI Field Notes: Parrots and Exercise
19-10-2017 -- 19:02
Notes d’observation HARI: Les perroquets et l’exercise
19-10-2017 -- 19:01
HARI Field Notes: I pappagalli e l’ esercizio
19-10-2017 -- 19:00
Speratura dell’uovo,per osservazione del movimento embrionale
03-08-2017 -- 17:02
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Hagen Avicultural Research Institute is a research institute establishment built in 1985 to promote the welfare of companion birds. Under the direction of Psittacine Aviculturist, Mark Hagen, the constant study of the captive breeding maintenance of these birds has lead to tremendous developments in bird husbandry, nutrition & disease control. HARI’s mission is to promote the advancement and improvement of Companion Bird Care and Aviculture through education and research in areas of psittacine health, nutrition, breeding, and early parrot education, and product development. In addition, HARI supports global efforts in wild parrot conservation. This channel will share video's that highlight avian nutrition, parrot breeding, parrot behavior & training and avial health monitoring.