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Play On the sunny side of the street with me | Play along duet for saxophone

01-04-2020 -- 15:59
Play On the sunny side of the street with me | Play along duet for saxophone
01-04-2020 -- 15:59
All Blues - Play along duet with live piano (For saxophone and other instruments)
25-03-2020 -- 11:09
Saxophone posture workshop lesson - What is ideal saxophone posture and how do you practice it?
01-02-2020 -- 10:00
How to MASSIVELY improve you sound on the saxophone - Saxophone lesson
25-01-2020 -- 10:00
How to quickly tell if a saxophone has a good setup!
18-01-2020 -- 10:00
New Full brass Amsterdam Blue Rose saxophone Tenor
11-01-2020 -- 10:00
ADVANCE - Learn 3 skills to enrich your life in 2020 - The Extreme Learning video course
18-12-2019 -- 10:00
Aiming your licks and lines towards chord notes | Saxophone lesson | #5weeksaxchallenge
22-06-2019 -- 09:57
A fantastic example of the magic of Harmony | And celebrating 45.000 subs!
16-06-2019 -- 09:58
learning to Improvise over chords on the saxophone | #5weeksaxchallenge
11-06-2019 -- 12:57
Stretching the melody | The first step to saxophone improvisation (saxophone lesson)
06-06-2019 -- 09:58
Transcribing Footprints on saxophone (saxophone lesson)
02-06-2019 -- 18:57
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Teach yourself to play the saxophone! Quickly and frustration free! the way it should be. This channel is for those who wish to or need to: take the lead in their own music education on the saxophone. Hello Saxophone lessons are fast-paced and will give you the exact practical information you need in the straightforward way you want! Before you know it you'll be playing cool songs like: "Mercy Mercy Mercy","The Mo better blues" and "Saint Thomas". Thousands of individuals from around the world have succesfully thaught themselves to play the sax using this practical, step by step manual. Without any help from a teacher if need be. Using my guidebook, easy instruction videos and carefully designed visuals you'll keep your learning process; fast, fun and frustration free! The way it should be! More at