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Amazing Quarantine Dog Tricks at Home with Jesse!

14-05-2020 -- 04:06
Amazing Quarantine Dog Tricks at Home with Jesse!
14-05-2020 -- 04:06
Happy Gotcha Day Jesse!
03-05-2020 -- 09:47
Jesse the Puzzle Master! Dog Enrichment & Mental Stimulation
03-03-2020 -- 23:48
Happy Holidays Dog Adoptions
20-12-2019 -- 06:29
Best Friends Forever ~ I love My Jack Russell Jesse ♥❤♥
08-05-2019 -- 12:30
Blindfolded Dog Tricks by Jesse
13-04-2019 -- 09:28
WMAD VOTE for Jesse Support! & Useful Dog Tricks 4 Teaser!
31-03-2019 -- 02:01
How to VOTE for Jesse "World's Most Amazing Dog" FINALS
30-03-2019 -- 22:29
Let's Go Team Jesse! Finale VOTE of World's Most Amazing Dog
29-03-2019 -- 11:31
Balloon Popping Jack Russell ???? ~ Happy Birthday Jesse!
21-03-2019 -- 22:33
Vote for Jesse into the Semi-Finals "World's Most Amazing Dog"
16-02-2019 -- 12:14
Jesse can Double Dutch Better than most People! Amazing Dog Trick~
04-02-2019 -- 15:34
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Meet My Best Friend, Constant Companion, and Heart Dog; Jesse. Jesse is a happy and healthy Jack Russell Terrier who is the Star of the original "Useful Dog Tricks" Viral Video Series on YouTube. He is a multi-talented little guy who knows a wide-variety of tricks! He loves adventure, and lives each day to the fullest. Business Inquires: Welcome to Jesse's Official YouTube Channel, home of the "World's Smartest Dog"; The only place to watch Official Jesse videos, and to be one of the first to see Jesse's latest adventures. On Jesse's Channel you will find videos showcasing Jesse's charming personality, wonderful zest for life, amazing trick videos, studio dog work, and various videos of our life together. Jesse loves starring in videos; make sure to subscribe to stay tuned to the latest adventures of this talented little guy! "Those who feed on rumors are small, suspicious souls." ~CHARLES R. SWINDOLL