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Shimpo Aspire Tabletop Pottery Wheel: An Introduction for my Remote Students

27-02-2021 -- 11:00
Shimpo Aspire Tabletop Pottery Wheel: An Introduction for my Remote Students
27-02-2021 -- 11:00
Coil Building Basics with 15 Decorative Coil Techniques! An Easy Beginner's Tutorial in Clay!
24-02-2021 -- 07:00
Ceramics I Homework 1& 2 Quiz Review- with PDF Review Sheet Included
22-02-2021 -- 13:00
Dipping the Ceramics I Sgraffito Cups in Clear Glaze and Making Patties for Glaze Firing
20-02-2021 -- 07:00
Painting the Majolica Coasters in Ceramics I- Using Amaco TP Glazes
18-02-2021 -- 15:41
Dipping our Coasters in the Majolica Base Glaze- A Ceramics I Skill-Builder
09-02-2021 -- 19:49
Rolling and Drying Flat Coasters or Tiles: a Demonstration for Ceramics I
17-01-2021 -- 17:50
Part 2 Final Glaze Results! Glazing Possibilities- 28 Different Approaches to Glazing!
20-12-2020 -- 18:34
Glazing Possibilities- 28 Different Approaches to Glazing Pottery!
11-12-2020 -- 04:18
Three Easy Ways to Create a Simple Clay Slab Tray at Home Without Using Studio Molds!
18-11-2020 -- 19:58
Using Construction Paper to Build a Model Mock-Up for Slab Ceramic Pottery
10-11-2020 -- 14:42
Raku Glazing for MHS Ceramics Students
05-11-2020 -- 14:13
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I LOVE what I do! I am a professional potter and a high school ceramics teacher! I have over 28 years of teaching experience in the visual arts. I hope you can pick up some handy tips from my videos to spur your creativity in clay! These videos are really designed specifically for my students, and their particular projects in my various level classes. Follow me on Amazon- I have an Influencer storefront with my favorite tools and recommendations! KaransPotsAndGlass is my shop name on Etsy. My personal pottery consists of wheel thrown stoneware functional pieces, yet many of my videos are for the handbuilding I teach my students. If you like my videos, I invite you to come visit my shop! :-) I am a teacher and artist for life! I'd love to have you as subscriber- come back and visit my channel from time to time!