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Huge fish on NEW boat!

21-04-2020 -- 09:00
Huge fish on NEW boat!
21-04-2020 -- 09:00
Extreme Deep sea jigging new ground!! - The day I always dreamt about.
14-04-2020 -- 09:00
Extreme jigging the continental shelf - We hooked UNSTOPPABLES!
19-01-2020 -- 11:53
The ultimate fishing experience!
12-11-2019 -- 08:00
The best BARRAMUNDI fishing I’ve ever seen!
08-10-2019 -- 09:00
How to fish this lure the right way!
10-09-2019 -- 09:00
Are these poisonous?
27-08-2019 -- 09:00
Fishing the largest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere!
23-07-2019 -- 10:00
How to slow jig inshore reefs
16-07-2019 -- 10:00
I caught a 40 year old fish in crystal clear mountain streams
03-07-2019 -- 10:00
Chasing big fish in shallow water
21-06-2019 -- 10:00
It almost landed in the boat!!!
18-06-2019 -- 10:46
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Fishing is my life, I live and breathe the sport. I am from North Queensland Australia and love to fish freshwater, inshore and offshore around the Great Barrier Reef. I'm 95% catch and release, I am a strong believer in only taking what you need, let the future generations enjoy what we enjoy! There is something special about seeing a big Barramundi roll on your lure, or a pack attack of 20kg plus Giant Trevally inhale your lure on the reef flats. I hope you enjoy my videos and you continue to follow my love and passion for the ocean and all things fishing. - Kyle Hennig