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Building The State of The Art Self Cleaning Koi Pond With Steam and Waterfalls and Bottom Drain

25-05-2021 -- 04:07
Building The State of The Art Self Cleaning Koi Pond With Steam and Waterfalls and Bottom Drain
25-05-2021 -- 04:07
Lakeside Pottery Studio | Rehoboth Social Podcast with Tom Archino and Morty Bachar
25-03-2021 -- 12:25
Very Broken Large Bowl With Missing Segments Repaired and Finished with Kintsugi Process
08-03-2021 -- 05:48
Lakeside Pottery, Ceramic, Pottery, China and Sculpture Art Restoration and Kintsugi Studio Tour
27-02-2021 -- 15:28
Lakeside Pottery Restoration and Kintsugi Studio Tour
31-01-2021 -- 21:39
How to Detect Hairline Crack in a Ceramic Vessel Using Sound
30-01-2021 -- 22:13
Restoring Infant of Prague Plaster Statue Badly Damaged With Missing Pieces
28-01-2021 -- 02:43
Epoxy cure stages relative to temperature - PC Clear Two Part Epoxy Cure Performance
26-01-2021 -- 05:09
PC Clear Two part Epoxy Cure Performance
24-01-2021 -- 02:14
How to accurately to sculpt a missing segment on a broken pottery or ceramic, pottery or sculpture
21-01-2021 -- 01:56
Seamless Ceramic or Pottery Repair Lesson Covering the Full Spectrum of Basic Repair and Restoration
06-01-2021 -- 22:32
Removing Old Adhesive From Ceramic, Pottery or Stone Sculpture Using a Torch.
01-01-2021 -- 19:27
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Lakeside Pottery offers professional ceramic, porcelain, china, sculpture, pottery and Kintsugi repair and restoration services for individuals, collectors, antique dealers, museums. We also offer unique commission and custom made stoneware pottery work at all level of details made by our studio ceramic artists Lakeside Pottery, established in 2001 in Stamford, CT as a ceramic art and pottery teaching facility operating for many years. We are now focused on our own custom made pottery and restoration work. Lakeside Pottery is owned and managed by the husband and wife team of Patty Storms and Morty Bachar. They combine their many years of teaching experience, their artistic pottery and painting skills with their knowledge of ceramic materials and engineering to operate the studio and continue to add