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Lazze Metal Shaping: Tips & Tricks-1934 Ford Rear Quarter Panel Layout

04-03-2020 -- 19:36
Lazze Metal Shaping: Tips & Tricks-1934 Ford Rear Quarter Panel Layout
04-03-2020 -- 19:36
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01-09-2019 -- 02:10
Art by Lazze: 1959 Ferrari Testarossa Inspired Fine Art Piece
17-08-2019 -- 05:06
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13-12-2018 -- 23:07
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29-03-2018 -- 19:27
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09-01-2018 -- 20:25
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21-12-2017 -- 23:28
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30-11-2017 -- 21:41
Lazze Metal Shaping: Tips to make your work look more professional
07-11-2017 -- 23:51
Lazze Metal Shaping: Tips in the Beadroller
25-10-2017 -- 07:07
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Lazze Metal Shaping videos are here to help you reach your dreams in metal fabrication. For hot rods, antique cars, restoration, custom cars, and art. Lazze provides tips, tricks, DIY, how-to, and techniques to make metal do what YOU want. Expert metal shaper Lazze, offers tips, tricks, techniques, and how-to videos and also shares information about his made in the USA metal shaping tools, handy hand tools, along with hands on training in California, books, and DVDs. When it isn't car show season you can expect a new video about every 10 days. As a thank you for Lazze Metal Shaping YouTube Channel Subscribers and Facebook friends they get the links to my newest uploaded videos 2-3 days before they become public!