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3D Round wrapped bracelet - Macrame step by step tutorial

19-01-2021 -- 13:51
3D Round wrapped bracelet - Macrame step by step tutorial
19-01-2021 -- 13:51
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12-12-2020 -- 14:00
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Macrame Tita channel, where you can find the most clearly macrame project tutorial . I'll show you how I make macrame bracelet, macrame key chain, macrame necklace and macrame basic knot as well with my step by step guide My tutorial will help you make lovely gifts for your self and your friends with a little patience. The materials are very simple, cheap but with your love they will be beautiful present. All video tutorial on my channel are made by myself, it could be a remake of another video, video version of a image tutorial on a book, magazine, a photo on Pinterest or sometimes is a request of friend. I just want to show how to make. I don't sell anything, don't have online shop as well, all product that I make a give away to local Orphans. Finally, I hope you will find my tutorials helpful, please feel free to leave you comment, I will take note and adjust to make better videos.