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Crochet cross stitch simple tutorial

08-08-2019 -- 14:07
Crochet cross stitch simple tutorial
08-08-2019 -- 14:07
Crochet easy pattern with double crochet(no.5)
06-08-2019 -- 07:45
Crochet basic stitch (no.4) in hindi
05-08-2019 -- 12:03
Crochet basic stitch (no.3)
02-08-2019 -- 14:00
Crochet basic stitch tutorial (no.2)
31-07-2019 -- 17:59
Crochet basic tutorial
30-07-2019 -- 10:59
Macrame blue purse-prajakta desai
22-05-2019 -- 08:33
Macrame easy mirror project-prajakta desai
14-05-2019 -- 14:27
Macrame simple purse complete tutorial
12-03-2019 -- 19:48
Macrame bag-advance project
07-03-2019 -- 17:13
macrame square knot tutorial for small kids with trick and tip
01-03-2019 -- 15:23
Not a macrame project: New hobby
28-02-2019 -- 06:19
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ABOUT MACRAME: macrame IS KNOTTING TECH.Primarily uses basic knots to create patterns with the help of different threads .it is called as craft of all ages and capabilities,macrame is really an international concept. Macrame (pronounced makrama) comes either from a 19th century Arabic term,miqramah. with means veil,or from the Turkish word for towel,maqramah,both the veil and the towel were adorned with knotted fringe. Threads used for making projects: vegetable fibers: cotton,jute,linen synthetic fibers:acrylic and polyester,nylon and rayon,metallic cord animal fibers:wool,silk basic knots used :square knot.double hitch knot half hitch knot,bobble knot, Turks head knot Josephine knot.