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Fixing an old Dining Table

03-01-2021 -- 15:59
Fixing an old Dining Table
03-01-2021 -- 15:59
Testing Diamond-Coated Routerbits + Giveaway & Free Spreadsheet
19-12-2020 -- 14:00
Octoprint for the 3D printer and big project announcement (Random Shop Stuff 25)
24-10-2020 -- 15:59
How to acheive perfect alignment and repeatability at the CNC router (with bench dogs)
16-10-2020 -- 22:39
I made Precision Bench Dogs
09-10-2020 -- 15:02
My HOMEMADE WOODEN Bandsaw can now cut METAL!!! (Bandsaw Upgrades Part 2)
02-10-2020 -- 15:07
How To Sand Curved Shapes with a Cheap Homemade Tool
09-12-2019 -- 17:23
DIY Sanding pad for the Angle Grinder | Easy to build with only Handtools
07-06-2019 -- 16:23
Turning Scrapwood into Awesome Resin Bowls
17-05-2019 -- 20:03
Installing LED lights and Quick connection plug (Random Shop Stuff 20)
26-04-2019 -- 18:29
Making Drawers with SOFT-CLOSE Drawer-Slides
12-04-2019 -- 16:38
BEST DIY Leveling Feet
05-04-2019 -- 15:08
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Videos about woodworking, homemade machines, wood-turning, making jigs and more stuff from me out of my small basement workshop. I try to post one video a week, or at least one every two weeks...but I don't really care about a fixed upload schedule, because I produce my videos with a lot of editing. And I spend as much time as it takes until I think the video is finished. So yeah, I upload when I upload. You probably will see more videos about making tools for woodworking than actually woodworking projects...that's kind of my interest. About me: I'm just a 23-year-old German guy and studying engineering at the moment. If you want to see project updates in between the videos, you can follow me on Instgram: if you want to contact me: -via private YouTube message -via Google Hangouts -via Email: If you want to support me, here's a good way: