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Real vs Concept Work? (What If You Have No UX Experience?)

23-10-2020 -- 09:47
Real vs Concept Work? (What If You Have No UX Experience?)
23-10-2020 -- 09:47
Create Your Value (Career Advice)
21-10-2020 -- 03:36
Struggling Coming Up with Ideas for Personal Projects? (Portfolio Advice)
16-10-2020 -- 05:49
5 Essential Questions Every Product Designer Should Ask
14-10-2020 -- 05:24
Livestream, Oct 6, 2020 (6pm PDT) - UX Talk, Tech Talk, Q&A
07-10-2020 -- 17:38
4 Principles of the "Mamba Mentality" that We Can Apply to Achieve Success
28-01-2020 -- 23:17
Don't Stop the Grind Once You Land Your UX Design Job
19-01-2020 -- 02:17
Importance of Having a Business Mindset (focus) vs Creative Mindset as a UX Designer
18-01-2020 -- 01:02
My Thoughts on UI Animations (Necessary UX Design Skill?) & Communicating with Front-End Developers
14-01-2020 -- 20:57
Overcome Imposter Syndrome w/ Awareness & Confidence (with bonus Interview Tip/Nugget) - UX Design
13-01-2020 -- 22:20
Got Skills, Now What? Time Get Into the Flow of Being a UX Designer (Start Creating)
08-01-2020 -- 23:11
The Mindset and Strategy on How to Approach a Redesign of a Web App or Website - UX Design
04-01-2020 -- 03:02
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Highly innovative, passionate and successful senior UI/UX designer with high proficiencies in Visual UI Design, User Experience, Usability, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Research & Analytics, XHTML/CSS and Strategy & Planning. Recognized as a talented creative leader with a unique skill-set that spans various disciplines from design to front-end development. Phenomenal track record of designing and developing websites with extraordinary life spans. Seventeen year background in understanding and developing leading brands into commercial successes in an entrepreneurial hi-tech environment. Highly effective written and verbal communicator with exceptional problem solving and brand development skills. Visionary leadership resulting in successful, innovative online properties and brands.