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Making the flag of the Belarusian opposition

15-12-2020 -- 11:53
Making the flag of the Belarusian opposition
15-12-2020 -- 11:53
Making a coin box with the coat of arms of Russian Empire
03-11-2020 -- 12:15
Making 3D end grain cutting board #18
21-10-2020 -- 13:13
Тест фрезы №2: Изготовление коробки для ламповых часов.
02-10-2020 -- 12:07
Настенная деревянная карта мира
28-05-2020 -- 21:38
Изготовление подставки под салфетки
21-05-2020 -- 09:30
Изготовление 3D торцевой разделочной доски №17
15-05-2020 -- 14:00
Доска с мелким текстом
08-05-2020 -- 09:00
Making 3D map of Russia
26-04-2020 -- 11:13
Making wood samples
24-04-2020 -- 14:00
Kieselmann logo board
17-04-2020 -- 06:00
New Banksy picture
06-04-2020 -- 14:19
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Hello! My name is Andrei. I live in Russia and run my small business. Woodworking is my passion. I am the only woodworker in the shop. It is my full time job. I make only end grain cutting boards. I've been making end grain cutting boards for years. Sometimes I make end grain chessboards, end grain jewelry boxes, etc. I like to work with end grain surfaces. Also I prepare woodworking plans. I made a lot of mistakes making end grain cutting boards. I don't want you to repeat these mistakes. So I show the correct techniques and ways of making end grain cutting boards. Hope my channel is useful.