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Wilderness Lunch Date with My Wife | Fish, Grow and Forage a Wild Meal

30-07-2021 -- 13:10
Wilderness Lunch Date with My Wife | Fish, Grow and Forage a Wild Meal
30-07-2021 -- 13:10
Building a Timber Frame Wood Foundation for a Log Cabin in a Severe Thunderstorm | OFF GRID
23-07-2021 -- 16:26
Too Much Rain! | Wood Cabin Foundation, Leather Tool Sheath, Off grid Greenhouse, Bears
16-07-2021 -- 16:33
Off-Grid Workshop & Greenhouse, Tool Maintenance, Rainwater Collection, Fishing, Outdoor Cooking
09-07-2021 -- 17:01
Milling Hardwood Flooring with Logs from my Old Cabin, Bull Moose in the Garden
02-07-2021 -- 13:03
Cali (my dog) Collapses While I'm Building my OFF GRID Log Cabin Basement
25-06-2021 -- 19:19
Building a DIY Basement for my OFF GRID LOG CABIN in the WILDERNESS | Aggressive Bear Visits
18-06-2021 -- 19:47
A Spring Heat Wave and Drought in the Forest, Fish in the Garden, Metal Roof, Rainwater Harvest
11-06-2021 -- 16:17
CHARRED WOOD FOUNDATION for My OFF GRID Wilderness Log Cabin | Greenhouse Irrigation | Shou Sugi Ban
04-06-2021 -- 17:21
Building Heated Raised Beds in an OFF GRID Greenhouse ???? Growing a Food Forest ???? Wilderness Garden
30-05-2021 -- 16:53
Indoor Pond, Building Log Raised Beds in a Greenhouse, Crying Bear Cubs, Fishing, Canoeing
21-05-2021 -- 12:59
Building a Geodesic Greenhouse, Completing the Growing Dome
15-05-2021 -- 02:23
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Log Cabin Building, Woodworking, Bushcraft, Survival Skills, Cooking, Canadian Wilderness exploration, Hunting, Fishing, Off Grid Living in the forest with my golden retriever Cali. Hi, I'm Shawn James. I am a passionate outdoorsman living the life of my dreams in a log cabin that I built by myself in the Canadian wilderness. Join me and my golden retriever, Cali and listen to the sounds of the forest in this relaxing wilderness setting. I prefer to keep my talking to a minimum and let the natural sounds of nature make you feel as though you are there with me. ????New videos EVERY FRIDAY & randomly throughout the week - Please SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any.