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How to Decide: Remove Full Cover Tips or Fill? Step by Step Backfill Tutorial

22-07-2021 -- 20:12
How to Decide: Remove Full Cover Tips or Fill? Step by Step Backfill Tutorial
22-07-2021 -- 20:12
NO Forms No Sculpting No Lamp - STRONG ???? Nails! In an INSTANT
15-07-2021 -- 20:24
Fix Ugly Cuticles FAST⏱ - No Nail Fill Required
08-07-2021 -- 20:24
You SHOULD be AFRAID of Your E-File????
01-07-2021 -- 20:09
How to Apply 5XL Super Long PRESS ON Nails???? Premade French Almond Tips
24-06-2021 -- 21:54
Sculpting Long Acrylic Nails ???? Pride Swirls Nail Art
17-06-2021 -- 20:32
E-File Hack ???? Should You Use A Dremel For Nails?
10-06-2021 -- 20:53
How to: DIY Manicure with Pro Advice ???? Just in time for Father’s Day
03-06-2021 -- 21:16
ProTip - How To Clean and Disinfect Your Files
27-05-2021 -- 21:31
To Pinch or NOT to Pinch? It comes with Risk???? Try Suzie's Technique
20-05-2021 -- 20:03
How To MAKE Your Nails Lift????
13-05-2021 -- 20:00
80s ???? Pink & White Tutorial + Testing 30 year Old Nail Polish????
06-05-2021 -- 20:02
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