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dogs are better than guns part 1!!!

06-04-2021 -- 03:00
dogs are better than guns part 1!!!
06-04-2021 -- 03:00
When Kangals Attack - Only in Turkey!!!
27-03-2021 -- 03:52
When dogs and Leopards come face to face in India!!!
17-03-2021 -- 06:55
Stupid dog whisperer who couldn't even control his own dog!!!
14-03-2021 -- 18:23
Woman's badly trained dogs attacking neighbours in Russia !!!
08-03-2021 -- 05:18
When dogs attack humans!!!
27-02-2021 -- 20:18
Terrible Pitbull Owner Commands his pit bull to Attack a Woman!!!
16-02-2021 -- 15:06
Labrador Mix Attacks a Police Officer Caught on Bodycam!!!
14-02-2021 -- 08:43
When Kangal turned on its owner!!!
13-02-2021 -- 06:35
kangal saves its friend from a wolf!!!
02-02-2021 -- 02:25
Rottweiler vs Pitbull Who Would Win!!!
01-02-2021 -- 12:36
Lucky German Shepherd Survives a Wolf Attack!!!
24-01-2021 -- 02:45
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