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Creating Doubles: The Split-Screen and Beyond

23-09-2019 -- 19:00
Creating Doubles: The Split-Screen and Beyond
23-09-2019 -- 19:00
How Star Wars was saved in the edit
12-12-2017 -- 00:57
Field Trip: Dolby Cinema
31-08-2017 -- 20:00
Freddie Wong at the Vancouver Film School!
09-06-2017 -- 22:07
One on One: Meg LeFauve
19-05-2017 -- 22:13
One on One: Joe Forte
16-05-2017 -- 20:41
The Special and Visual Effects of Dimension 404
04-05-2017 -- 19:04
So You Don't Want to Watch a Black & White Movie?
30-03-2017 -- 19:02
Embracing Accidents
23-02-2017 -- 21:54
Beginner Tips: On Writing Emails
16-02-2017 -- 19:00
Grip Hardware Essentials
09-02-2017 -- 19:00
RJFS On Set: Creating the World of Blark and Son
02-02-2017 -- 19:00
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