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RXP Tanks

09-07-2020 -- 05:47
RXP Tanks
09-07-2020 -- 05:47
Smarter Solid Set Irrigation
08-07-2020 -- 05:51
K-Line One Pack
08-12-2016 -- 21:39
K-Line Farm Pack Installation video
20-01-2016 -- 00:01
K Line AnimationClip
27-01-2014 -- 02:45
27-01-2014 -- 02:44
K Line Karousel
27-01-2014 -- 02:30
K Line MID Karousel
27-01-2014 -- 02:30
K-Line G-Set Irrigation Solution from RX Plastics
07-08-2013 -- 01:58
Maize Clip ExpoAgro 1
03-07-2012 -- 06:51
Effluent Weeping Wall
06-03-2012 -- 00:56
K-Line Effluent Dispersal
06-03-2012 -- 00:31
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RX Plastics is one of New Zealand's largest manufacturers of irrigation solutions. We produce polyethylene plastic pipes, fittings, valves and tanks to provide durable movement and storage of water and waste water. We are also the patent holder, manufacturer and distributor of the well known K-Line pod irrigation system, used by farmers around New Zealand, Australia, North America, South America and South Africa. True to the kiwi spirit, RX Plastics thrives on innovation. We're always looking for new ways to solve irrigation problems and make life a little easier for our farmers. Our creative thinking has earned RX Plastics honours at the Champion Canterbury Awards 2007 and New Zealand Plastics Industry 2004 Design Awards as well as international recognition. Founded in 1972, RX Plastics has served New Zealanders for decades, and our dedication to innovation and invention means that you can expect us to support you for decades more.