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Snare And Bass Drum Fill-Beginner Drum Lesson

01-02-2016 -- 13:00
Snare And Bass Drum Fill-Beginner Drum Lesson
01-02-2016 -- 13:00
Low And Fat Snare Drum Sound With Newspaper
18-01-2016 -- 13:30
Cymbal Swelling-QUICK Drum Lesson For Beginners
04-01-2016 -- 13:00
Using A Different Snare Drum On Your Kit
14-12-2015 -- 14:30
POV Drumming-Playing In The Pocket
30-11-2015 -- 14:30
Kids Drum Lesson-How To Play Your First Drum Beat
26-10-2015 -- 12:30
5 Types Of Drummers
19-10-2015 -- 14:00
How To Record Roland TD11 Sounds On A Computer
12-10-2015 -- 14:00
How To Create A Custom Drum Kit-Roland TD11
05-10-2015 -- 13:30
Hitting A Cymbal EXPLAINED-Drum Lesson By Matt Sullivan
28-09-2015 -- 13:00
Different CYMBAL STACKS To Use On Your Drum Set
21-09-2015 -- 13:30
Cymbals-Brilliant VS Natural Finish-Nigel Maynard And Matt Sullivan Drum Clinic
14-09-2015 -- 14:00
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The ULTIMATE drumming channel. It features everything from drum tutorials, to reviews, to how to's! I'm not a professional, by any means, but I am a fun drummer and elementary school teacher. These 2 passions have lead me to create this drumming channel! I have been playing the drums for over 10 years (leisurely) and have been teaching for over 4 years. I truly hope that you enjoy my videos.