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G Loomis NRX+ Rod Review! Baitcasting And Spinning!

12-05-2021 -- 13:30
G Loomis NRX+ Rod Review! Baitcasting And Spinning!
12-05-2021 -- 13:30
Pond Fishing For Bass: 5 Tips To Catch More Fish!
10-05-2021 -- 13:30
Shaky Head Worms For BIG Bass!! Post Spawn Bass Fishing Madness!
07-05-2021 -- 13:30
Where Do Bass Go After They Spawn? Post Spawn Bass Fishing Tricks!
05-05-2021 -- 13:30
Gear Review! Shimano Curado BFS, Megabass P5, Creature Baits, Swimbaits, And Finesse!
03-05-2021 -- 13:30
Underwater Dropshot Footage! Best Dropshot Worms For Bass Fishing!
30-04-2021 -- 13:30
Bass Boats Can't Go Here! Lake Chickamauga Kayak Bass Fishing!
28-04-2021 -- 13:30
8 Year Old Kid Catches MASSIVE Fish!!! GIANT Striped Bass!!!
26-04-2021 -- 13:30
Jerkbait and Fluke Fishing Tricks For Spring Bass Fishing!
23-04-2021 -- 13:30
Spring Topwater Tricks To Get Topwater Strikes Right Now!
21-04-2021 -- 13:30
Catching BIG Bass In TOUGH Conditions! 30 lbs For 5 Bass!!!
19-04-2021 -- 13:30
How To Bass Fish On A Budget! (Cheap Lures That ACTUALLY Work!!)
16-04-2021 -- 13:30
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This Fishing Channel is full of Tips and Tricks to help you improve your bass fishing. With 7 world records (including the Spotted Bass World Record) and more than 70 bass over 10 lbs to their credit, Matt and Tim share new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to help you become the best bass fisherman you can be! From ponds, to streams, to the best lakes in the country, we'll show you the techniques to catch the biggest bass of your life! Swimbaits, jigs, and topwater are our specialty but there is nothing we won't try to catch a monster bass! Follow us on Instagram for new big bass pictures every day!