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pregnancy/ life update

20-11-2020 -- 00:31
pregnancy/ life update
20-11-2020 -- 00:31
bi-curiosity, sex outside of commitment, moral relativism & more questions you asked [EXPLICIT]
15-11-2020 -- 01:00
beyond shame: processing sexuality and religious trauma [EXPLICIT]
24-10-2020 -- 03:00
my super secret podcast, behind the scenes videos and uncut episodes of i’m Listening
14-10-2020 -- 06:55
we've been keeping a secret from you guys ????
09-10-2020 -- 19:30
Atheist attacks Christian... and now they're friends [EXPLICIT]
24-01-2020 -- 15:00
the future of this channel and the move
17-12-2019 -- 03:00
I'm deleting thatchristianvlogger...
14-06-2019 -- 01:30
The last episode // The Move ep. 65
25-05-2019 -- 16:00
Watch out for these kinds of people in the church // The Move ep 64
24-05-2019 -- 22:30
Surround yourself with these kinds of people! // The Move ep. 63
24-05-2019 -- 00:23
Paul's thorn in the flesh... ADD? // The Move ep. 62
23-05-2019 -- 03:59
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Justin Khoe is a digital missionary. Known online primarily as, “That Christian Vlogger,” his Youtube videos have been seen around the world by over three million people. With over ten years of preaching, literature evangelism, and teaching experience under his belt, Justin’s current focus is to leverage social media to help reach unchurched young adults. Cohosting the show with him is his wife, Emily. Justin and Emily aim to equip young adults to have a stronger and deeper relationship with God and to help them discover who God has created them to be. They call this way of living, “experiencing faith in the first person.”