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Help The Dogs!

23-10-2020 -- 22:03
Help The Dogs!
23-10-2020 -- 22:03
The Vets Unleashed Podcast!
04-10-2019 -- 22:06
Chin Abscess Removal
19-03-2019 -- 21:30
Is Pot Safe For Pets - Quick Update
04-12-2018 -- 22:30
Is A Grain Free Diet Healthy For Pets?
20-11-2018 -- 22:30
First Surgery - Dr Lim's First Dog Spay
14-11-2018 -- 00:30
Are Oral Flea Medicines Safe?
06-11-2018 -- 22:30
Keep Your Pet Alive In a Zombie Apocalypse
31-10-2018 -- 21:30
Bad Vet Jokes
16-10-2018 -- 22:30
Cheap Backyard Makeover For Cats - DIY
03-10-2018 -- 03:01
Healing With Honey - The Honey Wrap
25-09-2018 -- 22:54
Difference Between An X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI & CAT Scan
18-09-2018 -- 22:30
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With a sea of information on how to take care of your pet, how do you decipher the good advice from the bad? How about the veterinarian? He’s not a whisperer, trainer, or wrangler, he’s the expert they all consult -- The Bow Tie Vet Guy. Dr. Mike has partnered up with Make It Happen Productions ( to bring to you a unique blend of quirky, informative, inspiring and personal videos. Breaking down the information pet owners need to know, Dr. Mike Mcclenahan uses a magical blend of comedy and pop science to get you the information you want and need to know about your pet. Have fun, ask questions, and learn about your pet from the guy you know you can trust, Dr. Mike, The Bow Tie Vet Guy.