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Film Theory: Wall-E's Secret Cannibalism... More Juicy Proof!

08-05-2021 -- 21:04
Film Theory: Wall-E's Secret Cannibalism... More Juicy Proof!
08-05-2021 -- 21:04
Film Theory: The Minions in Minions AREN'T MINIONS!
29-04-2021 -- 22:05
Film Theory: The Godzilla vs Kong They DIDN'T Want You To See!
22-04-2021 -- 22:05
Film Theory: Did Disney STEAL Finding Nemo?
15-04-2021 -- 21:05
Film Theory: Dear DC, I Fixed Your Universe! (Justice League Snyder Cut)
08-04-2021 -- 23:05
Film Theory: Did Scar EAT Mufasa? (The Lion King)
01-04-2021 -- 22:05
Film Theory: The 3 BIG Twists Of Falcon and The Winter Soldier! (Captain America)
25-03-2021 -- 23:05
Film Theory: Hazbin Hotel, There Is NO Redemption!
16-03-2021 -- 20:05
Film Theory: Why Godzilla WINS! (Godzilla vs Kong 2021 Trailer)
09-03-2021 -- 21:05
Film Theory: WandaVision, The Secret THIRD Witch Revealed!
04-03-2021 -- 22:05
Film Theory: You Are Breathing POISON! (Phineas and Ferb)
25-02-2021 -- 22:05
Film Theory: The Dark Truth of Wanda's STOLEN Children! (WandaVision)
18-02-2021 -- 22:05
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